“Approaching a critical stage” – a person can pass the coronavirus to a person before symptoms appear

The Chinese Minister of Health has acknowledged that the virus’s ability to spread is stronger and that the virus, which spreads during the incubation period, is more difficult to control.

The Minister also stated that the state is approaching the “critical stage”. The incubation period, during which a person has already contracted the coronavirus but has not shown any symptoms, lasts on average 14 days, according to Chinese officials. Without symptoms, a person does not know that he is infected, but is already able to spread the virus.

By comparison, people infected with SARS (a type of coronavirus called severe acute respiratory syndrome, or atypical pneumonia) or the deadly Ebola virus can only infect others when the first symptoms appear. Such virus outbreaks are much easier to control, as they allow for the timely isolation of those affected and the monitoring of anyone who comes into contact with them.

Jauns.lv has already reported that the number of deaths from the new coronavirus in China has increased to 56, but the number of confirmed infections has reached almost 2,000.

In an effort to curb the spread of the virus, China imposed stricter travel restrictions on Saturday, and France and the United States were preparing to evacuate their citizens from Wuhan, which is at the center of the virus crisis.

The disease has already affected all major regions of China except Tibet.

The city of Wuhan, where the dangerous disease spread, has been quarantined since Thursday and decided to urgently build two more hospitals, each with about 1,000 beds.

The Chinese army has sent 450 doctors to Wuhan to help treat the sick in crowded hospitals.

Chinese President Xin Jinpin said on Saturday that the country was in a difficult situation due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus.

Outside the epicenter of the virus, three cities, including Beijing and Shandong Province, have banned long-distance buses from entering and leaving their territory.

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