Aragón signs entrepreneurs to «train» young entrepreneurs


Aragón will take advantage of the experience of consolidated entrepreneurs to serve as a guide for young entrepreneurs who venture into the business world. It is the essence of the program called «Mentoring», which has just been officially presented and which has been promoted by the Aragonese Government – through the Aragonese Institute of Employment (Inaem) – and the Association of Young Entrepreneurs (AJE). The cost of this program slightly exceeds 31,000 euros, which will be financed between the AJE and Inaem.

This new service of tutoring and advice to young entrepreneurs was born under the agreement signed this Tuesday in Zaragoza the managing director of Inaem, Ana Vázquez, and the regional president of AJE, Pedro Lozano. The entrepreneurs who will act as guides will act as tutors and coaches of the promoters of new businesses.

This new program "is a tool designed to develop the potential of young entrepreneurs selected from AJE Zaragoza and INAEM, based on the transfer of knowledge and learning through experience, all within a process in which it is established a personal and trusting relationship between a tutor who guides, stimulates, challenges and encourages the young entrepreneur, "according to sources from the Aragonese Government.

The Program will be developed in three phases: pre-preparation phase of mentors and young entrepreneurs; Presentation of the Program and follow-up. Mentors will commit to do up to 5 tutoring sessions, lasting one hour.

One of the issues to which Inaem is obliged is to get, the maximum possible number of young entrepreneurs interested in being mentored, selected from among the people who have participated in their entrepreneur programs.

The same sources have indicated that this program puts "at the disposal of the entrepreneur experience, knowledge and skills of entrepreneurs with a successful track record, through mentoring techniques, with the aim of helping you to raise your business initiative in the best conditions of viability , an aspect that fully coincides with the objectives of Inaem in this matter ». . (tagsToTranslate) asesoriajoveneseproducersaragon


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