Archbishop Gądecki issued a statement on migrants

The chairman of the Polish Bishops’ Conference recalled the Christian tasks in relation to migrants and refugees, such as medical and humanitarian aid and seeking solutions for the common good.

“Sensitivity to the fate of people coming to our country, as well as medical and humanitarian aid for migrants, should become a priority for both state and non-governmental institutions, including churches and religious communities,” wrote Archbishop Gądecki, adding that humanitarian sensitivity it is a manifestation of our humanity.

He emphasized that it is the duty of the authorities to detect a potential threat from people crossing the state borders, however, one cannot stigmatize newcomers by making harmful generalizations.

The President of the Episcopate expressed his gratitude to all those who help the needy. He emphasized that “the Catholic Church in Poland declares its readiness to join the search for the best solutions that – within the legal framework – will serve the broadly understood common good”.

“Yes” to humanitarian corridors

Archbishop Gądecki appealed for permission to launch humanitarian corridors, which Caritas Polska has declared readiness to coordinate since 2016. He also proposed “a solution for a fully controlled relocation of refugees, based on their own decision as to the choice of destination country”. “It is precisely controlled migration processes that give a sense of security, as opposed to migration in chaos, thanks to the gangs of smugglers and the inhuman delusion of people to get to their dream paradise in Europe” – reads the document published by the KEP.

Thanking for the help given to the Afghans a few weeks ago, Archbishop Gądecki appealed to all people of good will to “treat the service and assistance to foreigners coming to Poland as an opportunity to practice love of neighbor, which is the cornerstone of our faith.” He also encouraged people to pray for migrants and refugees and for the spirit of Christian brotherhood.

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