Ardèche: a man reportedly attempted to abduct a girl, a robot portrait broadcast

The gendarmerie of Ardeche is looking for a man suspected of attempted kidnapping. The facts would have been May 6 in Saint-Just-d'Ardèche, at the exit of the school. A 10-year-old girl said she was approached by a man while she was returning home. The latter then tried to escort him in another direction but she managed to escape, says Le Dauphine Libere.

The next day, the parents, directly informed by their child, filed a complaint for attempted kidnapping. A robot portrait was made by the gendarmes from the testimony of the girl and publicly broadcast on Thursday. "The gendarmes will perform additional rounds, and teachers as municipal officers will redouble vigilance," said the mayor of the town, Pierre-Louis Rivier.

A precedent in the Vaucluse

According to France Bleu Ardèche, this testimony is taken very seriously because a similar story took place a few days earlier in the Vaucluse. A toll-free number was also opened for those who may have attended the scene or could send any information to the investigators: 0 800 97 10 64.

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