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Are arbitrations and VAR in favor of Barça a scandal?

Alfredo Duro: Yes, impossible to win the league like this

“I touch Varane’s leg because of bad luck, it’s not a penalty.” Do you remember, dear Carme? Lenglet pronounced her after her scandalous penalty during the Camp Nou Classic in the first round. The same one in which Rakitic grabbed his shirt so that Hernández Hernández, one of your many camera referees, swallowed the second penalty favorable to Madrid. But the serious thing is not the own suspicious error but the acceptance of Barcelona and its circles of influence to understand things like those of Lenglet. Bad luck? Penalty and point. Your interpretations of the arbitration law are so abusive that they blush any of Barça’s rivals and, against Real, in a match that portrayed you footballily and arbitrarily, it happened again.


Lenglet had to be expelled on Saturday by two undisputed yellows. As indisputable as the offside of Vidal in the play that ended in the horrific penalty that Martínez Munuera indicated for an action that he would never have dared to take in the opposite area. It is scandalous, Carme, and you should be ashamed of the stinky drift that this matter has taken since those famous statements by a Barca manager, Alfons Godall, who denounce and define the arbitration control that Barça has exercised since 2004: «Good relations with the Federation and the Referees Committee helped us ». White and bottled. And so we continue.

All ok

It will be miraculous that Madrid can win this League because, like the rest of the teams, it plays at a disadvantage. Nobody explains the scandalous difference of yellows, expulsions, penalties for and against those that Barça overwhelms. Inadmissible. Like those two leagues in Tenerife. Like Ovrebo’s robbery of Chelsea. Just like Aytekin’s PSG… Everything OK.

Carme Barceló: No, the regulation already equals everyone

I find it extremely curious, to say the least, that on the other side of this column a colleague writes about alleged arbitrary aid to Barça. And I say this because the story, the one written and lived in black and white and in color, is a real slap in reality to those who like you accuse the arbitral establishment of favoring the eternal rival. You have lived well, dear Alfredo! If you go back to Alfons Godall, I can go from Guruceta to the goal canceled to Luuk de Jong a few weeks ago. It is very funny to read that Real Madrid would be a leader without the VAR. There you have the demonstration of a shameful past and rigorous present. On Saturday, in the match played at the Camp Nou, the regulation was applied, something that the white club is not used to. Barça was called a penalty that was and canceled a goal that was not out of play. It’s the new era of football, Duro. The law. Get update.

They put Madrid in its place

Since you throw in memory remembering a former Barça manager whom almost nobody remembers, I will tell you that one of the most shameful stages for world football was the invention of the “Villarato”. You turned to him as the Pep Guardiola and Leo Messi Barcelona was placing bibs among the respectable. What was not able to solve that Real Madrid in the field, discredited in forums, environments and organizations. He was starting to put each club in place. And in that we are. The regulation begins to be the same for everyone.

Stop crying please

Penalty against Arturo Vidal in Granada. Another to Lenglet against Betis. Without intention, yes, but those arms and hands in an unnatural position are now sanctioned, Alfredo appreciated. I do not go back to prehistory: it has been this same season. Stop crying, please I ask you.


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