Are flexibilities on the agenda? Jan Jambon provides an update on the Concertation Committee this Friday

“It gives me the effect of a real cold shower”, confided the Prime Minister, Alexander De Croo (Open Vld), this Friday February 26 following the interruption of the Concertation Committee. The authorities had thus decided to suspend discussions on possible easing in the face of the latest figures communicated to them. Fearing to be confronted with a third wave, the Flemish liberal preferred to postpone the debates until the following week in order to be able to observe the evolution of the epidemiological situation and assess whether it allows possible releases.

The Flemish Minister-President, Jan Jambon (N-VA), returned to the Flemish Parliament on this special day filled with emotions. “We had been discussing since the morning with my colleagues, at noon we were still talking about what relaxations we were going to propose,” he said according to the Belga agency. ‚ÄúThen we received a phone call from Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, explaining that hospital admissions had experienced a real inexplicable boom. We then decided with the Walloon Minister-President that it was complicated to discuss ‘relaxations under these circumstances. ”

But the Flemish nationalist was rather optimistic, this Tuesday, March 2, about the evolution of the epidemiological situation. According to him, it is possible that Belgium does not experience a third wave. “We notice in the figures that we return to the situation of seven days ago,” he noted. “If this continues, I think we can talk about a two or three day rebound.”

A measure that will not be lifted “anytime soon”

What gives hope that relaxations can be discussed this Friday? Without a doubt for the Flemish Minister-President. “Last week’s agenda will be discussed again at this meeting,” he said, as Belga reported. However, he has already dampened the hopes of the Belgians for a lifting of the curfew, “which will not come anytime soon”. “This is a drastic measure, but if we reopen the Horeca soon, it will be no matter what by imposing a certain closing time, concluded Mr. Jambon, who therefore considered that it was logical maintain a curfew one hour after restaurants close.

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