Are you able to pass the MIR 2021 exam?

In the absence of an official date to celebrate the MIR exam 2021Thousands of medical students have begun to prepare a call that is expected to be a record again, in the absence of knowing the total number of places called. In addition, this year the changes that already affected in the previous call will be maintained: a total of 175 questions, plus 10 reserve questions, and a maximum duration of 4 hours.

And it is that, the thousands of applicants who will be presented to this exam daily train these changes and the Medicine agenda through the drills. The objective is none other than to adapt as much as possible to the MIR exam model, which has garnered so much prestige.

The competition is already promised maximum among the thousands of people who will present themselves this year to the MIR, and who will compete for one of the thousands of places that they are expected to be convened. Last year, the offer was 7,512 places.

In this way, 185 questions with four different answer options will mark the future of the candidates for the Specialized Health Training test. In Medical Writing we propose the following MIR simulation, which consists of correctly answering these questions taken from official exams from previous years. Will you be able to get a place?

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