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Argentine pathologist distinguished in England denied Ginés González García

Argentine pediatric pathologist Marta Cohen She was appointed days ago by Queen Elizabeth II as an Officer of the British Empire (OBE), in recognition of his work on sudden infant death.

With this distinction, Cohen becomes part of the “Most Excellent Order of the British Empire”, founded on June 4, 1917 by King George V, which is currently awarded by the Queen to all those whose activity has a significant impact on the United Kingdom.

Originally from Trenque Lauquen, Cohen works at Sheffield Hospital, in the north of England.

This Monday, in exclusive statements to the program Petete here of radio Miter, Cohen spoke about the strategies of governments to confront the coronavirus.

“Nobody did well, because it was learning. There were no policies to prepare for the pandemic,” said the prestigious doctor.

“In the United Kingdom it started late and in Argentina early and both had negative effects. Here, starting late, the quarantine was not done for 14 days, and in Argentina until June there were not so many cases and when people arrived they were fed up,” he said. .


Cohen came to the crossroads of the statements of Ginés González García, the national Health Minister, who said in March “we can massively have” the vaccine.

“I heard the minister say that there will be massive vaccines. It will not arrive. There are false expectations,” he said.

“It is not true (what the minister said). The most advanced vaccine could be approved by the end of the year. If it is approved, it will begin to produce 25 million doses in Latin America and it has to be distributed equitably, not they are 25 million for Argentina, “he explained.

“So it is not going to be en masse,” he stressed.

“As there is no investment in health and education, as many people who are not educated do not have education, they are not responsible. In Argentina health is free but there is no investment, in the United States it is all private, that’s why people do not go, and the cases add up, “Cohen added.

Responsibility and more tests

Cohen stressed “individual responsibility.” “The responsibility is added to the education of the country,” he said.

“I learn a lot and I am uploading information on the networks. Only when you inform and people are educated is the only way that people understand. What governments in the world have to do is test more,” he said.

Regarding Argentina, he said that “half a million daily tests” would be needed and around 25,000 are being done.

“On the part of the people it is also irresponsible not to take care of themselves. But governments have to exercise leadership. Decisions have to be based on science,” he said.


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