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Aries Group on the launch of a scheme to pay housewives. Aries Group has launched a scheme to pay the unemployed partners of their employees.

Mrs. Deepa Prabhiraj, wife of Dr. Prabhiraj Natarajan, Managing Director, Aries Group, received the first salary. The Aries Group’s 23rd Anniversary and Founder Chairman and CEO, Drs. The project was inaugurated at a function organized as part of Sohan Roy’s birthday.

Under the scheme, wives of housewives of employees who remain in the establishment for more than three years after marriage will receive a salary of about twenty-five per cent of the employee’s income. This will be in addition to the salary already received by the employee.

Aries Group is also the only company that currently pays pensions to employees’ parents. Apart from this, it was a revolutionary decision to pay wives as well. Last year, the company was able to distribute cash and benefits worth Rs 1 lakh to Rs 1 crore to its employees depending on their length of service.

Dr. Sohan Roy, Chairman and CEO of Aries Group, said:

The company’s mainstay areas include maritime consultancy, ship design, UT gauging survey of ships, rope access, interior and aviation surveys. In addition, the company has invested in media, film production, event management, television and tourism. The assets of the group are employees who have worked for years. Even during the Corona period, the company did not have to dismiss or pay anyone.

Aries Group has also announced a number of other welfare schemes for employees. The parents of all employees who have completed three years have been given a pension for years and the children of the employees have been given scholarships every year. Mr. Sohan Roy, Head of Institution, won the ‘Acharya Hasti Karuna Employer Award’ in recognition of the best Head of Institution in India through such welfare schemes.

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