Arjen Robben speaks out after an injury at FC Groningen

Arjen Robben experienced a real frustration comeback at FC Groningen on Sunday.

After the former FC Bayern star received an emotional reception, he wanted to show off his club against PSV Eindhoven.

But the favorite prevailed 3-1 – and for Robben the working day was already over after 29 minutes.

A groin injury, as coach Danny Buijs said, forced the winger to leave the pitch. But speculation that he could cancel his comeback after his one year break, he rejected.

“Giving up does not appear in my dictionary,” said the professional footballer of the Amsterdam newspaper de Volkskrant.

Robben: “You are not rid of me yet”

On Tuesday, further investigations should show how severe Robben’s injury is. The fact that he was injured was “the worst possible scenario,” said the 36-year-old, who returned to Groningen in June 2020 after declaring his active career over in summer 2019.

He didn’t expect it. “Now it is important not to pout in a corner, but to laugh with the help of a little self-irony and to carry on with a positive feeling”, explained the captain – and added: “You are not rid of me yet.”

Robben goes home frustrated

Coach Buijs said after the game that he had not spoken to Robben and that Robben had “gone home disappointed”.

Buijs showed understanding: “This boy has worked so hard for it. When it ends the way it does today, it will be very frustrating for him.”

Robben had sat down on the lawn after a duel and waived treatment. He took off his jersey next to the seat and walked into the cabin.

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