Arlo announces wireless version of video doorbell – Image and sound – News

Manufacturer Arlo has presented a wireless version of its video doorbell. This version no longer requires the wiring of a traditional doorbell to function. The doorbell has a built-in battery that should last three to six months.

The doorbell with built-in battery should make installation easier, Arlo says. The wired video doorbell also uses the traditional doorbell’s ‘dingdong’. Because the new version cannot do that, there will be a separate device called Chime early next year to make sound heard when someone rings the doorbell.

For the rest, the wireless doorbell is the same as the previous model, that has been for sale in the Netherlands since this summer. The company’s video doorbell has an angle of view of 180 degrees and an aspect ratio of 1: 1. This makes it possible, according to the company, to fully visualize a person. The resolution of the bubble is 1536×1536 pixels. The bell has, among other things, a night mode with an infrared lens and an ‘always-on function’.

Without an Arlo Premier subscription users cannot review images. With a subscription of 2.79 euros per month per camera, this is possible, up to 30 days back. Users can also save images offline if they have it Arlo base station to have. Arlo, which was once part of Netgear, announced the wired bell last year already. The wireless bell costs $ 199 in the US, $ 50 more than the wired version. The new version is not yet available on the Dutch website.

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