Armando, originally from Tlaxcala, works with traditional medicine in New York

Armando Cuatianquiz, originally from Tlaxcala, is part of the community of healers at the University of New Mexico

New York. Armando Cuatianquiz was born in Tlaxcala, he was born in the municipality of San Francisco Tetlanohcan. He has lived in New York for 21 years. He is a business man; has a florist and a holistic shop. At the same time, he is a life coach and healer.

Although as a young man he did not accept his Tlaxcala roots because he was influenced by the context in which it was developed; Over the years, in the search for a meaning for his life, Armando connected with the land and his origins through traditional medicine.

“I approached him out of necessity. After searching for meaning in life, having lived a troubled life, with troubled relationships, focused entirely on alcohol. Above all, here (the United States) you arrive at a place where the perspective is a lot of freedom, you have everything, apparently you don’t need anything.

Since 2006 he began his studies in human transformation and traditional medicine. Something that qualifies as powerful. He obtained a lot of knowledge since he was a child when he lived in Tlaxcala and his family implanted traditional medicine. He even remembers that at home he drank temazcal and did not like to bathe there. However, it recently finished building its own so that next year it will begin offering this service in New York.

During this preparation, he discovered that it was essential to apply traditional medicine in the United States. He stressed that one of his missions as a trainer and healer is to help the Latino community not to disconnect from its roots. “As compatriots here in the United States, many do not find the way forward. They live well and send money to their relatives, but there is something that keeps them tied or enslaved ”.

“Many people are in this search. As soon as you break that pattern that you have everything here, that you are white, that you are trying to adapt to white life and their speed, you can find your way. They are far from the origin, from the roots, they forget and this creates a path more difficult to understand. I say because it happened to me, I speak from experience and from the people I met along the way ”.

But it is not only Latinos who are seeking the help of Armando Cuatianquiz. Many Americans are also his clients. Among them are yoga teachers, people dedicated to acupuncture and reiki, but also the general public.

It is very gratifying for him to be able to converge the Latino community with the Americans during his ceremonies. Understand that the thoughts of both cultures are very different. On the one hand, he points out that Latinos are more emotional and Americans are more rational. However, coexistence through traditional medicine has generated a community based on empathy.

Armando Cuatianquiz is currently part of the community of healers at the University of New Mexico. Place where he represented Tlaxcala and Mexico through traditional medicine.
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