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Army top warns about COVID-19 on set of ‘Home’: “But …

Defense has posted a video online to ask their employees to continue to monitor the COVID measures. Admiral Michel Hofman and Major General Marc Thys take the lead roles. “This scene was totally fictional, but the fight against corona is not fiction”, it sounds.

The army top has deliberately chosen to make an online video for the employees. “I’ve found that video messages work more than letters or emails,” said Major General Thys. “We can reach the entire organization better with video. And that is what we must achieve: everyone must know that the corona epidemic is far from over. ”

The video also warns that the military will have to work in corona conditions until at least September next year. “We will have to live in these conditions for a long time, then we get used to it better and we have to continue to apply the rules”, it sounds.

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