Arnaldo Otegi: "In the State there will be no better government than that of PSOE and Podemos"



The coordinator of Bildu announces that his training and ERC will not block Sanchez's investiture. See a "window of opportunity" that the PSOE initiate a 'operation of dialogue'

Arnaldo Otegi, together with ERC leader Pere Aragon

Arnaldo Otegi, together with ERC leader Pere Aragons, at a recent meeting in Barcelona.
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Arnaldo Otegi has no doubts. A Spanish government between the PSOE of Pedro Snchez and Podemos "is the best". But Otegi goes further in his analysis on governance in Spain with Sanchez and Iglesias leading the next Executive because he considers that there will be a "window of opportunity" for the Basque and Catalan independence parties in a "kind ofDialog operation"with the socialist president.

Otegi has already shown his letters in an interview given toGarain which, besides taking for granted the investiture of Pedro Snchez, also endorses that new government fructifies with a pact between the PSOE and Podemos. "In the State there is going to be a better government than the PSOE and Podemos," says the Basque independence leader, who underlines the influence of his alliance with ERC since between the representatives of both parties add 19 deputies in Congress.

"We want Basque and Catalan sovereignty to be manifested in Congress," says Otegi, who is committed to "playing a game for the Spanish state" in the next term. The keys to the analysis carried out by the former leader ofBatasunaand a former member of ETA go through to facilitate the investiture of Sanchez to, then, show that "there is not going to be stability in this State until they recognize that it is multinational and that nations without a state have the right to decide".

A strategy that EH Bildu also intends to install inNavarre, where Otegi assumes thatMara Chiviteto be the president of the future Government together with the three partners of the leftabertzalein the previous legislature. "EH Bildu is essential to sustain a government like the one it is proposing," warns Otegi willing to facilitate governance to Chivite if he commits to the "change" put in place by the presidency of Uxue Barkos between 2015 and 2019.

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