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Aroa Silva (Santa Olaya) once again demonstrated that she is an accomplished specialist in open water testing. "I really like swimming in the sea," he said on arrival, and was the fastest to complete the Musel-Gijón crossing, which in its 56th edition was much shorter than usual due to the prohibition of the Maritime Captaincy to perform The usual route. The test is organized by the Swimming Club Ciudad de Gijón.

Aroa, which is sweeping in all the crossings in which he takes part, imposed himself with authority on Hugo Sanchez and veteran Kimbo Vallejo who starred in a beautiful arrival in which Hugo's youth prevailed.

The controversy unleashed by the distance cut was on the lips of everyone, participants and spectators. The argument for one and the other was the same "you can not end the tradition." This was also understood by the winner despite the fact that "with this distance and leaving where we left there is more security because we go much longer grouped." Aroa said that "from the new exit you can take a quick reference of where the goal is."

The participants also highlighted the good state of the sea, with barely any waves and with an acceptable temperature, the only area being a bit difficult that of the vicinity of the existing lighthouse near the entrance to the marina where there was enough current.

In this edition of the crossing, about a hundred swimmers took part.

The tests in the open sea have their continuity in the afternoon of today with the dispute of the XXV Crossing of Poniente that also organizes the Swimming Club City of Gijón. This test has a distance of 1,200 meters and is developed entirely inside the beach that gives it its name. The departure is scheduled for 6 pm and Aroa Silva will be on the starting line.

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