Around 9900 Corona-patients recover in the meantime

Das Corona-infection events has calmed down in the state of Hesse in the past few days, after three outliers just over a week. According to the 41 new cases on Friday, the health authorities have reported over night, just 24, as the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI) has announced. It is in Germany for the control of a disease is responsible. The increase in new infections is only just over 0.2 percent. Another case of death in connection with the pandemic in this region is complain, according to RKI. All in all, the records are since the beginning of died at the beginning of March officially, 506 people or Covid-19. On the other side of 9900 patients are considered as cured. On a case of death 19,5 Convalescent well.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and Internet coordinator of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

When you look in the 21 counties and five cities in the state of Hesse, Hersfeld-Rotenburg, and the city of Offenbach on fall currently particularly. Only the osthessische circle and the neighboring city of Frankfurt in a loosening of the important value of a two-digit number. Hersfeld-Rotenburg is still suffering from a small wave of Infection among employees of Amazon. About three dozen employees is in the private circle with Covid-19. Since the district has relatively few inhabitants, this in the so-called Seven-day incidence of noticeable, are the new infections among 100,000 inhabitants within a week. Here is a 14 to beech stands.

A few infections, high incidence of

The city of Offenbach is a Twelve, Frankfurt on a Six. To the eye some of the Figures darting in the case of Offenbach: Since the beginning of March, 187 Corona have become from the city-infections known, from Frankfurt, by contrast, more than 1750. Only the circles of bird mountain and the Waldeck-Frankenberg reported less Infected. However, 15 of the 187 have been registered in the past seven days. The value leads to the comparatively high Incidence.

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Critically it would, however, only when you Reach 50, because in this case, the authorities could take it back loose again, as outbreaks happen in North Rhine-Westphalia in the two counties due to mass Corona-the big butcher Tönnies. And to overwrite this brand, would need to Offenbach reports more than 65 new cases within a week, in Frankfurt even more than 350. Last it there were only 44. For five circles, and Wiesbaden is a Zero in the Seven-days-incidence of impact, as reported to the Ministry of social Affairs recently.

The number of people who have recovered from estimated

With a view on the number of Convalescent but note the following limitation: such As the RKI and the F. A. Z. said, it will collect data on the number of Recovering not officially. The survey was also not provided for in the law. “However, one can assume that at least in the cases where the most information has been determined, had no severe symptoms, and were not admitted to hospital, the fact that you are at the latest to recover after 14 days”, – stated in Berlin at the headquarters of the Institute. The RKI guess the number of Recovering only.

The RKI takes into account those cases, which were submitted on the day of 0.00. “For the presentation of new cases reported per day in the reporting date – the date on which the local health Department obtains knowledge about the case and him and electronically recorded,” reads the website of the Institute. Between the notification by Doctors and laboratories to the health Department and the Transfer of the cases to the competent state authorities and the RKI for a few days could pass. In such cases, the speech is by Reporting delays.

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