Arrest of Cienfuegos confirms links between Calderón and Peña with the crime: PT

The coordinator of the bench of the Labor Party (PT) in the Chamber of Deputies, Reginaldo Sandoval opined that the arrest of the general Salvador Cienfuegos in the United States, confirms that since the government of Felipe Calderon and of Enrique Peña Nieto had ties to the organized crime, “They worked for them and they did it on behalf of the government, on behalf of the law. More serious thing what has happened in this country.

In a position, the left-wing legislator called for making a homeland, making a new background transformation and only with organized and participating society, “we will be able to overcome all the brakes they put on us, all the difficulties they put on us. It is not easy.”

“If it were an armed revolution, it would be easier. But this one is peaceful. It is with the conviction, with this principle that in politics, but more in life, but more in politics, you are not what you say, you are what you do. And that is why you have to observe each political actor who says he does it on behalf of the people, their actions. To see if they are on behalf of the people or are in favor of their interests, ”said the PT legislator.

In this context, Sandoval Flores he said that with this detention The level and degree of decomposition that the neoliberal model took in 36 years and that had its coronation at the top, with the government of Peña grandson, “Where everything was corruption. No doubt about that”.



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