Arrested for coercing domestic employees to have sex


A 63-year-old man has been arrested in Valencia for allegedly coercing foreign domestic workers he hired to engage in sexual intercourse by threatening to report his irregular situation or broadcast images of him, as reported by the National Police.

The arrested man is accused as the alleged perpetrator of two crimes of sexual abuse and coercion. The investigations began based on the allegations of two women, who stated that they had contacted the detainee through an Internet advertisement page, where she offered employment as a home attendant and personal care.

Once they joined their new job, the suspect, in order to have sexual relations with them, coerced them by threatening to report them in case they were in an irregular situation in Spain or by assuring that they would disseminate images of which, he claimed, had previously recorded.

The agents have registered the home of the alleged author, intervening, among other effects, several hard drives, mobile phones and USB drives, as well as a compressed air gun.


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