Arrow in a panic attack: I immediately realized the mistake!

“When I’m out, I’m afraid to touch anything. I have a fresh experience. As I walk, I thoughtlessly reached for the handle of a shop. I immediately realized the mistake and panicked. I said, “What am I going to do? I have to go home and wash myself! “Because I immediately imagined that a virus was sitting on that handle, just waiting for an ox to reach for the doorknob, and that he would just jump in. And now I ran home and imagined the virus he climbs on that hand, under the veil, and he chose an opening on his face, such as his nose, and climbs into his bowels. And that made me a host, “he described the dramatic experience Karel Šíp in the program Všechnopárty and he added with a laugh: “They say they like older bodies. Bodies riddled with all sorts of diseases, that’s supposed to be slipping. “


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