“Arsenal will no longer release Aubameyang”

The retention of the Gabonese selection for several hours at Banjul airport (Gambia) on the night of Sunday to Monday could have serious consequences for the “Panthers”. Coach Patrice Neveu fears that Arsenal, stunned by the images that circulated with the players sleeping on the ground, now refuses to release Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang for the next deadlines, inform our colleagues from Afrikfoot.

« The result of what happened before the match will cause big problems for the Gabonese selection if CAF does not take a firm position. Because you have to know that, of course, Arsenal called Aubameyang. Seeing him in these conditions, it’s over, they won’t release him anymore. And the same for other players for other clubs. It’s like that, and it is understandable “, Explained the technician on the antenna of Canal + Africa.
« They are top level players and they need to have a minimum of comfort when it comes to selection and especially not such bad and disastrous conditions for humans. »


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