Monday, 10 Dec 2018

Arthroscopy: minimal access to diseases (+ Gallery)

Advanced surgical techniques, regenerative medicine and how to treat knee, shoulder and hip diseases have been the focus of sustained debate among orthopedic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons during the 14th Arthroscopy Symposium, celebrated in Ciego de Ávila these days.

Speakers from Switzerland, Germany, the United States, Puerto Rico, Camagüey, Villa Clara and Havana have come to confirm the province and the team led by Dr. Osvaldo García Martínez, president of the National Arthroscopy Group of Cuba, as hosts of an international event that every year achieves greater impact and affluence.

Arthroscopy, minimal access to ailments

It is no coincidence that we are headquarters and the doubts are cleared when we add some data: the high development of Orthopedics in Ciego de Avila, the recent incursion in the treatment of hip ailments by minimally invasive techniques, the realization of more than 2 700 surgeries satisfactory arthroscopic and rapid recovery of patients.

During the three days of sessions it was investigated how to achieve the regeneration of cartilage in the knee, imaging studies in shoulder pathologies, pediatric orthopedics, hip instability, and treatment of meniscus injuries, anterior crossed ligation and of the condition called Frozen Shoulder.

Without forgetting the analyzes on the growing link of Arthroscopy with other specialties such as Physiatry, Anesthesiology, Imaging and Sports Medicine; as well as the inclusion of regenerative medicine within the debates as one of the novel contributions incorporated into arthroscopic shoulder and knee surgery.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is that each academic day includes practical workshops in mock-up, diagnostics and live surgeries. So, in passing, the 14th Symposium of Arthroscopy closes with the gratitude of each of the patients diagnosed and intervened and with the commitment of the Avilanians to continue in the advance of Orthopedics in Cuba.

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