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Artificial Floods Apparently Effective In Preventing Russian Troops Seize Kyiv

DEMYDIV, KOMPAS.com Deliberately flooded engineers in a small village in northern Kyiv created a swamp and submerged basement and garden.

But the floods prevented Russian troops from attacking the capital, and the sacrifice was well worth it, the villagers said.

Report ReutersSunday (15/5/2022), in the first phase of the Russian invasion, Ukrainian troops opened a barrage in Demydiv.

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The action caused the Irpin River to flood the village with thousands of acres of land around it.

The move was considered successful in stopping Russian soldiers and tanks from breaking through Ukrainian lines.

“Of course, it is great,” said Vladimir Artemchuk, a 60-year-old resident of Demydiv.

“What would happen if they (Russian troops) were able to cross a small river and then go to Kyiv?” Artemchuk continued.

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Another resident of Demydiv, Oleksandr Rybalko (39), said more than a third of some fields were flooded.

About two months later, the villagers are still facing the effects of the flood, using rubber boats to move and planting the dry patches with flowers and vegetables.

Children live with swamps for use as playgrounds.

The Russian invasion, which is now in its third month, has claimed thousands of civilian lives, sent millions of Ukrainians fleeing and turned the city back into rubble.

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Moscow has called its military campaign in Ukraine a special military operation to disarm Ukraine and defeat fascists.

Ukraine and the West say the accusations of fascism are baseless and that war is an act of unreasonable aggression.

Over the weekend, Russia attacked positions in eastern Ukraine on Sunday, seeking to surround Ukrainian troops in battle for the Donbass.

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