Artificial intelligence for poetry and "booktrailers"


Deep Blue Rhapsody, a project that puts artificial intelligence at the service of poetry, i Booktrailers, from the paper to the screen, an initiative that invites young readers to create trailers of books, have been recognized with the two awards this year's Letter, endowed with 2,000 euros each.

Deep Blue Rhapsody, an original idea of ​​Maria Farràs and Eulàlia Drago, co-created by Josep Pedrals, Taller Estampa and Carles Pedragosa for the Kosmopolis festival at the CCCB is, by the jury of the prize, the Best digital initiative on Catalan literature.

In the words of Pedrals, the project could be defined as "the man against the machine in a poetic combat," that is, a battle in which the poet competed with a technology trained to create poetry to see who was the best sonnets.

This experiment of artificial intelligence applied to the generation of text will now have a second part, a project to which the authors dedicate the grant of the prize, and that "instead of working against the machine, it will do with machine."

The best educational teaching-learning experience distinguished Booktrailers, from the paper to the screen, by Raquel Casas, professor of Language and Literature at the Dolors Mallafrè Institute and Ros de Vilanova i la Geltrú. The initiative, which seeks to bring literature to young people through technology, proposes adapting some of the readings made during the school year in audiovisual format.

So, texts like Blood weddings, by Federico García Lorca, o Letters to the beyond, by Olga Borràs, have been converted into videos created by groups of students from first to fourth of ESO, an educational tool that encourages young people to use the language they use most commonly.



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