arya open up | I was just stupid to fly to Dubai to celebrate his birthday with him, broken up, frankly Arya

Actress and presenter Arya has shared a heart touching note on her 31st birthday. In the Arya post, she describes the fall in love and the depression she experienced as a result. Arya shared about her love affair when she appeared as a contestant on the Bigg Boss reality show. But then the relationship came to an end. Arya herself has said in interviews that it was difficult to come to terms with it. The actor has explained about this.

Arya’s note

On the same day last year I went through a very bad phase in my life. I never thought depression would bother me so much. It’s hard to even describe the feelings I experienced. In an apartment alone in the UAE, I had no other way to survive that day, just a bottle of wine and a few leftovers. Yes I was so devastated, my condition was so bad, I would have done something tough. But somehow I got over it. Thanks to that person who realized something was wrong and decided to come to me in the evening.

This was my last birthday, my 30th birthday !!! But looking back today, if I had made the right decision, everything would have changed. I could have stayed with my beautiful daughter and my family and friends and celebrated a happy birthday … but I was just foolish to travel to the UAE to celebrate a birthday with someone who didn’t want me. The wrong decision was mine. No one to blame for that …

Look at me today. I am 31 years old today and I have the most wonderful smile on my face and my heart is full of love, peace and gratitude. It’s okay to have people who are toxic in life, because only then will you know who the real people are. I mean those who love you sincerely, will remember you. All I am trying to say is that the choice is yours, whether to rejoice or break your heart. Always remember that your happiness is in your hands Always remind yourself to choose wisely. Choose people who love you unconditionally and are always with you. Today I am so happy my 31st birthday was the best I could get. Although I miss some of the ones I need, I am happy and most importantly at peace a big thank you to my beloved family and thank you for always having friends like family and for making me happy


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