Arya Saloka Gendong Mesra Amanda Manopo, Putri Anne Protes ini

IntipSelebAmanda Manopo bluntly admitted that he was uncomfortable with Arya Saloka | because he often scenes intimate especially when her husband is in Sineton The Bond of Love it holds friendly. While Arya Saloka’s wife, PWhich Anne protested because the husband had little time to gather with his small family.

Soap operas The Bond of Love is now at the peak of popularity. Amanda Manopo and Arya Saloka’s good acting successfully captured the hearts of the audience when they played the characters Aldebaran and Andin. In fact, many begin to match them in real life even though they already have their respective partners.

What is the story of Amanda having an intimate scene with Arya Saloka? Then how did Princess Anne respond? Check out the following article.

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