As he explained the election fraud, Giuliani was sweating until the color flowed from his hair

The conference, which this time took place in the packed conference room of the Republican National Committee in Washington, took place on Thursday after noon local time, shortly after Trump’s legal team dropped a lawsuit challenging the outcome of the Michigan election.

WITHOUT COMMENT: Giuliani was sweating with hair dye while explaining that he had evidence of election fraud


During a long monologue, Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor of New York and Trump’s legal adviser, said there was a clear pattern to show that the election had been rigged. During his more than 40-minute speech, Giuliani mentioned conspiracy theories about the association of Venezuela, Cuba and China with the Clinton Foundation, George Soros, as well as testimonies of online fraud and the fake news produced by Joe Biden’s media and election team.

Those present in the room and the spectators could not escape the sweat strips that began to form on the sixty-year-old Giuliani’s closet in the crowded room. They were accentuated by the hair color that the lawyer began to let go. Jokes on social networks did not take long.

Some reminded Giuliani of Baron Harkonnen from Lynch’s legendary treatment of Dune, and some reminded Baror Horg of the Fifth Element.

Another member of Trump’s team, lawyer Jenna Ellis, said Giuliani and his colleague “dropped Kraken.” “Your question, in which you ask for evidence, is fundamentally flawed,” she then answered the specific evidence.

“I know you’re falsely saying we have no evidence,” Giuliani told the media. “We have more than a hundred of them, we just can’t show them,” he added, explaining that the individuals in question would then be bullied.

However, in rejecting the lawsuits alleged by the witnesses, the judges state that, although the allegations are serious, they are only general and do not state when they occurred, where they occurred, how often the fraud took place or which employees were supposed to to commit.

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