As many as 400 thousand Poles should urgently contact ZUS. The president herself calls

ZUS calculated that at the end of October approx. 400,000 people were in arrears with paying contributions. Due to the alarming increase in the scale of debtors, the company asks all payers who have not paid their debts to contact them. The time to take appropriate steps to protect payers from the accumulation of debts expires at the end of November.

ZUS appeals to debtors of contributions

According to the latest ZUS calculations, it is close at the end of October 400 thousand citizens had debts due to unpaid contributions. An urgent appeal to all debtors was sent by the president of ZUS, Prof. Gertruda Uścińska.

– Dealing with the matter in advance will allow to avoid the accumulation of debt, especially since it is possible to use the support – said the head of ZUS. All debtors are requested to contact the establishment immediately in order to clarify any doubts or raise specific objections.

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Two methods of fighting debt in ZUS. Time to make a decision only by the end of the month

On the ZUS hotline you can get advice on how to solve the problematic debt issue. PAP reports that payers have two options at their disposal. First, they can spread the debt into installments. Secondly, may waive the payment of late payment interest on debts from 2020.

Payers have until November 30, 2020 to decide whether they choose an installment arrangement or undertake to pay off small amounts of debt on a one-off basis – this can be done by increasing the amount of contributions, e.g. in December (thus liquidating the November debt).

In choosing the instrument, they can be assisted by relief and redemption advisors who, through telephone consultations, will suggest the most favorable method of proceeding. In addition, they will help payers in completing the relevant documents necessary, e.g. until approval to divide the payment into installments.

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Proceedings in the event of indebtedness with ZUS

ZUS reminds that everyone who pays contributions and has a profile on the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) has access to detailed information on fees and arrears. Payers can independently check for what period they are owed to ZUS (however, this only applies to the last 12 months). In the communication ZUS encourages payers to regularly control the settlements published on the PUE account.

By the way, ZUS points out that the first step to verify the data contained in PUE ZUS should be to compare them with your own accounting documentation.

In the event of any inaccuracies or errors, please report to the ZUS field unit with a request for detailed information on the debt. Such a document can also be submitted via PUE.

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Who is entitled to a pandemic exemption from paying social security contributions?

The standard mechanisms proposed by ZUS are only a part of the solutions addressed to payers. An additional instrument – a temporary suspension of the necessity to pay ZUS contributions, can be used by representatives of industries affected by the so-called anti-crisis shield 5.0.

The latest edition of the government assistance package is addressed to payers in the tourism and hotel sector, as well as the organization and service of fairs, conferences and exhibitions (based on the code of the entrepreneur’s predominant activity according to the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD) 2007). From October 15, these entities can apply for an exemption from paying ZUS contributions for July, August and September 2020.


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