Ashamed passenger to sleep on the airport floor, blocking the chairs

A traveler who decided to take a nap at the airport was roasted on social media to be “selfish” and “thoughtless”.

A photo of the woman, who is pictured on the Instagram Travel Creeps page, is lying in front of two empty chairs at the airport – essentially forbidding other passengers from sitting.

Becky, a 24-year-old “influencer”, takes a moment to reflect and enjoy the glances she is receiving from her followers by taking selfishly two places – anonymous, “reads the post next to the image.

The photo received hundreds of likes and comments, many criticized the woman for being a selfish traveler.

“Very thoughtless like so many travelers,” one published.

“Shameful. What piece of garbage. Where was the airport security?”

Others, however, jumped in his defense saying there were many other seating options in the photo.

“Many places are empty in the photo,” said one person.

“Sometimes you are so tired that you just want to lie down and sleep.

“Damn, she is tired, let her rest. There are many other places. “

The criticism comes only a week after another passenger was caught throwing manpower at the airport and occupying three seats.

In the image, the traveler was oblivious to the other passengers as he checked the phone with his legs stretched out on both sides.

While sitting in one place, this meant that no one could sit in the other two places on either side of him.

While there are other free places to sit in the background, his actions have been slammed by social media users.

One person claimed that the act caused her “unreasonable amounts of anger”.

However, some people didn’t see the problem with what he was doing.

An Instagram user pointed out: “This man is affirming the domain”.

Others praised his comfortable sitting position, saying “What a position”.


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