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ASLBI introduces six new Doctor General owners – Newsbiella.it

New General Practitioner, ASLBI holder in the territory. Recently, the Piedmont Region issued an administrative decision regarding the final classification for the placement of physicians related to the 2021 residual disability area in primary care, dedicated to those enrolled in Specific Training Courses for three years. The Biella ASL has assigned 6 doctors in charge of landlords for the same number of vacancies, distributed over 4 territorial areas related to the Health Authority.

Then the doctors talk about themselves, starting from their own experience, from a perspective of territorial medicine in the future. – area of ​​Andorno Micca: Nirupa Argentero and Camilla Pirlo – permanent positions as they graduate; – Valdilana area: Akim Soukrat and Hamid Zariate – temporary placement as it is in the process of graduation; – area of ​​Biella: Federica Cavaglià – permanent position as a graduate; – Cossato area: Elena Verdieva – previously in service with a temporary assignment, now a temporary assignment as she is in the process of graduating. In addition, in the meantime former owners Jacopo Pettinelli and Giulia Rosa (both territorial areas of Cossato) were able to increase their limits to 1,500 patients (already reduced) as they recently graduated from the Doctor of General Medicine. For new physicians, according to the rules governing relationships with GPs, the maximum time for clinic openings is approximately three months from the date of receipt of the letter communicating the appointment by the Company. In this regard, the ASLBI District Directorate is confident that it will soon be able to provide citizens with guidance on how to enter the list of new physicians.

“A number of new physicians have chosen ASLBI territory to begin or continue their careers,” said Barbara Bragante, District Director. National and Resilience, which sees the Doctor General as the main actor for the health of citizens in the area ».

New General Practitioners – “We feel a sense of responsibility for the careers we will undertake.”

“Cooperation”. This is the word that unites the vision of the future of the new general practitioner who owns the ASLBI, both among the top colleagues in the area and the hospital specialists, with a view to a greater interaction between the parties to the benefit of the patient. and change. patients ’needs are also in light of what appears during the most intense months of the pandemic. “We feel a sense of responsibility for our careers,” he said. “We’ve already been able to meet older colleagues and create our own network.” The synergy will be fundamental to bring forward new aspects of the profession, such as telemedicine, and give new importance to the face of the general practitioner ».

– Andorno Micca area: Nirupa Argentero, born in 1991 – «I indicate this territorial area because I know and love the area. I believe there is room for growth as a “group” and “colleagues”

“My first approach as a General Practitioner was during the replacement of a two-month colleague in 2018, in Valdilana, after graduation. They established a good relationship with the patients, which concerned not only the clinical aspect, but, more generally, the psychological complexity of the people. Thanks to this experience, almost by chance, I realized that I would like to continue on this path and in 2019 I started the Specific Training Course. I indicated the Andorno Micca area because I know and love the area. I also believe that there is room for growth as a “group” with colleagues: collaboration is a fundamental aspect of relaunching this profession. “Loneliness” can be a negative aspect of this job, so having a synergy with colleagues to deal with, even in the management of clinical cases, at the beginning of the career, but not only, is very important. Collaboration between physicians is an aspect that we understood even more during the pandemic, where I served as the USCA (Special Continuity Care Unit), in addition to my role in Continuity of Care (former Medical Guard). Covid’s impact was considerable and initially we didn’t know exactly how to manage the situation, but in collaborating we found a way to be helping the population on a daily basis ”.

– Andorno Micca area: Camilla Pirlo, born in 1992 – “Management of the patient in its complexity also from a social and family point of view: it is for this reason that I decided to undertake the course of General Medicine, with the hope of being able to staying in touch with this territory with people, considered not only patients “” The relationship between the general practitioner and the patients is an aspect that has always involved me, for the management of the patient in its complexity also from a It is for this reason that, after graduation, I decided to undertake the course of General Medicine, hoping to stay in touch with this territory and people, considered not only patients: hence the choice of In terms of experience, in the fall of 2019 I started the service of Continuity Assistance (formerly the Medical Guard), then engaged myself for the entire period of the pandemic from March 2020 also in the USCA It was an important professional impact, but also a starting point for reflection on importance group medicine and collaboration between colleagues try to better cope with his own activities, to the benefit of the patient for whom the Family Doctor is the first point. reference “.

– Valdilana area: Akim Soukrat, born in 1994 – “We are going through a period of change, so collaboration between us will be fundamental” “Initially I decided on what to do, then I decided to become a general practitioner. When I attended an internship in the office of a local colleague, I appreciated the holistic approach of this profession, the complexity of patient care, the constant dialogue and confrontation that is generally not there in other specialties. also characterized by a relationship of growth with customers, over the years they take on their problems.When I came from Strona, I chose Valdilana area as it is a territory that I already know well, not only in terms of location but also in complexity and characteristics of the community So far I have dealt with Continuity of Care and, until the end of last year, I supported SISP in Covid management of schools throughout the ASL area.We are going through a period of change, so collaboration between us will be fundamental, also in the idea of ​​exchanging between hospitals and territorial medicine and comparisons with specialists ».

– Valdilana area: Hamid Zariate, born in 1983 – “Following the patient in a specific and chronic path is what best suits my character and my predisposition in the medical field” “During these years of work I was able to do some Territorial medicine, not only in the Biella area but also in the big cities and outside the region.Based on these past I can say that following the patient in a specific and chronic path is what best suits My character and medical prowess grew up in the Valdilana area and I have fond memories of people, so I chose that area. “I would like to make that decision. I would love to undertake common activities with colleagues even outside of clinics and routine activities, perhaps in schools and with other professional figures such as nurses.”

– Biella area: Federica Cavaglià, born in 1991- “In this profession, the pandemic taught us that we must reorganize the activity according to the fact that the clinic as we traditionally know it must be rethought” “I have always preferred territorial medicine. compared to the hospital, so I decided to continue in this direction being also aware of the fact that the GP is a particularly sought after figure throughout the national territory.The choice of the territorial area fell on Biella mainly for a question outpatient activities.During study and training I was able to serve as Continuing Care with USCA, in the latter case during the pandemic period since its inception.It was a difficult test bench, which I experienced along with other The pandemic taught us that it is necessary to reorganize the activity according to the fact that the clinic as we know it traditionally has to be rethought. that figure The most “accessible” area in the area is the general practitioner who, in my opinion, may be helpful in supporting other professional profiles of secretaries or nurses to respond more effectively to patients’ needs. ”

– Cossato area: Elena Verdieva, born in 1978 – “After 8 years of general surgery I decided to change because I could appreciate the face of the Doctor General, who in Russia is understood differently” “Before arriving in the country In Italy I have been carrying out general surgery activities for 8 years in my country of origin, in Russia, here I decided to change because I could appreciate the face of the General Practitioner, who in Russia understands differently. I have already operated through a temporary placement still in the Cossato area, not far from where I live, knowing the patients and the general situation, so I decided to continue to carry out the clinic that I already manage ».

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