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Assembly Ready to Review Bukele’s Request for Coronavirus Emergency Funding | News from El Salvador

ARENA and the FMLN will analyze the request with due controls. Schafik Hándal says he does not intend to give a “blank check”. Carlos Reyes that the officials do not think that with the money “his party began.”

Deputies from ARENA and the FMLN were open to discuss the request for $ 2,000 billion that the President Nayib Bukele to face the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, not before, go through the respective controls of the use of funds.

“We are fully available to analyze and seek mechanisms to support any proposal that comes from the Executive and any proposal that comes to palliate this crisis that is being experienced, there will be an economic impact, that is why we have said we are fully available to analyze any proposal ”, commented the ARENA fraction chief, Carlos Reyes.

Of course, he clarified that the execution of the money must be done under all the controls required by law.

“Always bearing in mind that the greatest transparency must be sought, that the greatest participation must be sought, that other actors must be involved to add that it is in the best way,” Reyes said.

When asked where the 2 billion dollars that the Government is asking for will come from, an even greater amount than what Canada has arranged; Reyes said that according to Bukele they have an offer from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to grant them that money at zero percent interest, “if that is so, we are going to wait for it to arrive at the Assembly and analyze it and we are ready to approve everything whatever comes to the benefit of the Salvadoran people, so that this in the end has the least impact. ”

He recalled that the law mandates that all necessary financial reports of the use of funds be made in the end. “Let no official think that his party began here and that he will definitely use the resources of the State to really make or abuse or not use the funds for what is needed, such as this case, as it has been declared as a pandemic,” exhorted Reyes. .

In the same line, the deputy chief of the FMLN fraction, Jorge Schafik Hándal, spoke for whom the controls must be strict, taking into account the large amount of money requested by the Executive. In his opinion, it is very high considering that neither Canada has foreseen that amount.

“First, where will you get that $ 2 billion, how do you plan to invest it? What is the plan you have to alleviate the crisis and the use of these 2 billion dollars? ”Asked Handal.

According to what he said, the FMLN general secretary, Óscar Ortiz, are willing to consider requests for redirection of funds, but to the extent that they are duly “strengthened” to benefit the people who will be affected, “but such an amount of money is seen in this way. In the dry, first what is the plan, it cannot be a blank check ”, warned the member of the EP.


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