AstraZeneca vaccine suspended in Belgium for those under 55 or 60? “We must see what link there is between these thromboses and vaccination”

Invited on the RTL Info set this Saturday evening, epidemiologist Yves Van Laethem took stock of the evolution of the pandemic at home. After expressing his confidence in the evolution of the figures, which according to him should be better in the coming weeks, the interfederal spokesperson in the fight against Covid-19 mentioned the suspension of the AstraZeneca vaccine for those under 60 years old in other country and what it is with us.

What about these risks of thrombosis caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine? “I think that for the moment a syndrome has been defined for which we do not yet have all the explanations, but which is a syndrome in which there are both thromboses which occur in the large vessels of the belly such as what is called the mesenteric vein or the ‘portal’ vein, or in the large vessels in the brain which are accompanied at the same time by a decrease in platelets, these small elements of coagulation, as if it there were antibodies against these platelets which made things a little precipitous ”, explains Yves Van Laethem.

“The whole thing now is to see what link there is, if there is of course a link, in relation to vaccination”, adds the epidemiologist. “From one country to another, it’s very different. There is one case every 100,000 vaccinated in Germany, one case every 600,000 vaccinated in Great Britain, we still need the additional investigations which are underway at the level of the EMA ”, continues the interfederal spokesman.

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These thromboses, we can qualify them as atypical because they occur in places where there are rarely thromboses: they are “thromboses in the belly and in the brain which are much rarer”, explains Yves Van Laethem. . But what about the vaccine in Belgium? Regarding the possible suspension of this vaccine, Yves Van Laethem said that the Higher Health Council had looked into the issue last week. “We discussed with the task for vaccination, we received additional information to be provided which will be provided on Tuesday, and on Tuesday the task for vaccination will have the final report not only on this point but also on other points of vaccination. », Adds Yves Van Laethem.


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