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Astrotourism, Astronomy Tourism Enjoying the Natural Atmosphere while Gazing at the Sky

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The beauty of the celestial bodies at night gives rise to travel trends astrotourism. This tourist trend began when a tycoon from the United States named Dennis Anthony Tito traveled to the International Space Station orbiting as high as 400 kilometers above Earth, as quoted from scientific articles. Astro-Tourism as a High Potential Alternative Tourist Attraction in Tanzania.

astro tourism increasingly in demand cannot be separated from the development of astronomical observations and the latest discoveries about the universe, as quoted from Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute. This is influenced by the capacity of the observatory and planetarium which provides a quality experience that creates a strong motivation for traveling to observe celestial bodies.

Observatory is a building equipped with telescopes, binoculars for the purposes of observation and scientific research on celestial bodies. The planetarium is a semi-circular domed building to show the arrangement of the stars in the sky.

astro tourism is an activity that allows people to recognize and understand the universe. Astronomy tourism experience because of the awe, imagination, to the view of the clear night sky full of stars. Astronomy tourism is not just about seeing outer space from a dark sky. Visits to the observatory and planetarium are also included astrotourism.

Various astronomical phenomena that captivate the public, especially eclipses, aurorae and meteor showers. This phenomenon can be observed using tools or the naked eye. The higher the interest, then several countries are also developing astronomical tourism, including the Atacama Desert, the United States and around the Andes Mountains region in Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

In Indonesia, the Belitong Geopark is a destination astrotourism. Lecturer of the Astronomy Study Program at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Taufiq Hidayat explained, the nature tourism model has the concept of astrotourism it invites people to see the beauty of celestial objects at night.

“The reason this new tourism model emerged is because now many people live in urban areas. At night, you only see a clear sky,” he said, quoted from the Bandung Institute of Technology website.


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