Asturias dominates on the first day of jumps in La Mofosa


The Asturian riders who yesterday participated in the Luanco jumping competition, a test sponsored by THE NEW SPAIN, were prophets in their land. Five of the six disputed races were won by participants from the region. Leonardo Medal Rionda, on the back of "Eyre de Saro", touched the sky in La Mofosa and took the test of 1.35 meters per time, the one of May height disputed in the opening day of the contest. Alejandro Álvarez, on the back of "Califa SQ" beat the bar at 1.20 meters in the form of successive qualifiers.

The only foreign winner was the Spaniard Íñigo González with "Maracuya", which was imposed in the test of 1.30 meters per time. The victory was in 6 hundredths of a second. In 1.10 meters the first prize went to Mario García Pérez, who competed on the back of "Volcan Van het Dennenhof". With the bar set at 1 meters high, the first step of the podium went to Sara Casado with "Delvis Yar".

After the first day of jumps in La Mofosa, the activity will continue today at 11.45 am After a break to eat, the contest will resume at 17.00, when the height of 1.35 meters will be played. 116 riders are expected to participate today.

Tomorrow will be the big day of the contest sponsored by this newspaper. Again the activity will begin at 11.45. Already in the afternoon the Grand Prix will be played, with the ribbon at 1.40 meters.



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