At first, she played a real presenter in Adam Sandler’s new film. The employer subsequently fired her Culture

THE ANGELS Because of Hubie’s new Halloween film with Adam Sandler, a Boston TV host, Channel 7, drank about the work. She included the present in the film, which, according to Channel 7, was incompatible with work ethic. Ppad oil on socilnch stch.

Hubie Dubois is a little weird in his native Salem. Nesml suffered from a defect in him and the people around him are a bit funny. But when a problem arises on Halloween, Paradie is paradoxically the only one to save me! But he certainly did not rescue a certain moderator before losing his job.

Adam Sandler ve filmu Uncut Gems (2019). Re

Alaina Pintov, a true Channel 7 TV presenter based in Boston, has Hubieho Halloweenu. It was only because of the Halloween celebrations in the film that she let herself be styled into the comics of the antihero Harley Quinn, which, after all, made all the women in the film as such a joke.

She told pints to her fans on social sitesthat Channel 7 released it. According to her, she unknowingly violated the ethical statutes of her employer. dn gave details but did not give. Fans under the contributions express support for the moderator. The television declined to comment on the situation.

Dal ze zstupu Sandlerovch comedy

Adam Sandler is a bit rude – movies with nm, usually dissolved comedies, critics do not love. We can name an example for allZohan: Kryc jmno Kadenk(2008),Jack a Jill(2011) orPixels(2014) But they are very popular on the Netflix streaming slub. Directly from Netflix, the two showed her that in 2017, viewers watched his films for a significant 500 million hours.

Netflix is ​​screwing up his court comedian patina. In March 2017, he announced that he was extending his contract with Sandler to go on another film (Hubieho Halloween is the first of them). According to Ted Sarandos, the head of Netflix content is Sandler one of the world’s best comedians ever. It is thus likely that even after the contract expires, Sandler will attempt to strike.


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