At last the reality TV technician was given

Atlas the other passion was a program. He brought people and others closer to the harsh reality of the beautiful Argentine Ascent. He showed from the inside every harangue, every duel. Every discussion and every celebration. And how can we not remember Néstor Retamar’s technical talks, which for many were the best part of the television day. “I want a winning team, with a combative defense,” he shouted and more than one made him want to jump onto the pitch. Ah, the cameras did not matter to him. But this Saturday was a glorious day for the DT of reality. Yes, he was given the Promotion …

Years of fighting and illusion. Always with the knife between his teeth and the dream as a flag, Retamar was in charge of the team in three finals and had to wait for the fourth to be able to vent. “I had stopped directing and my old man asked me to come back. He told me he wanted to see his champion son and I feel that I fulfilled him,” said the 48-year-old coach very excited after the consecration.

“All together. We are going to play football,” Retamar said in the program that made football fans of Atlas from all over the world. And this Saturday his team achieved what they always looked for. With goals from Gonzalo Valenzuela and Nicolás Pérez, he defeated Deportivo Paraguayo and took second place in the plane that marches towards the Fourth Division. Of course, Claypole was waiting for him there to start this new journey.

Now, lovers of the Ascent and fans of their reality TV are already asking for a new season on the networks. With bigger dreams, with new goals and with a more professional team. Of course, do not miss Retamar’s harangues!


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