At only 38, this mother succumbs to coronavirus after bidding farewell to her husband and 5-year-old son

Emma Reilly was a 38-year-old British mother. Shortly before Christmas, this young mother contracted the coronavirus. At first, she mostly had cold-like symptoms, such as a sore throat and runny nose. But after a few days, the symptoms got worse. On Christmas Day, she started to have an “unusual cough”. Her husband, Tony, then decided to call an ambulance to have her hospitalized.

There, medical staff informed Tony that his wife did not have enough oxygen and that she should be placed in a coma and on a ventilator. “She called me and she was so weak she barely knew how to speak. She told me that she loved me and Connor, ”Tony told our colleagues. du Birmingham Live. “This was the last time I spoke to him. They then put her in a coma ”.

A few days later, on January 7, Tony received the terrible news: Emma could not be saved. “Telling my son Connor his mom had gone to heaven is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. It broke my heart, ”adds the poor man. He later learned that Emma was suffering from infectious cellulitis, a common bacterial skin infection that can be fatal if not caught in time.

“Emma was such a happy woman and with a heart of gold,” Tony adds. The young woman leaves behind Connor, her 5-year-old son. The boy’s head teacher has also launched a fundraiser to allow Tony to pay for his wife’s funeral. “It’s for the family of Emma Reilly, a young woman as beautiful inside and out, who died in hospital after catching Covid-19. The money would help the family through this tragic loss, and part of it will be kept to help Connor in the future, which is what Emma would have wanted.

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