At Strasbourg hospital, “it’s not getting better but we’re more experienced”

“For the past week, our intensive care unit has been keeping patients for a shorter period of time. We always admit heavy Covid cases, but when they are intubated, stabilized and can be transferred without electric syringe pumps in particular, we get them out as soon as possible. They leave the hospital by ambulance, train or helicopter, to one of the sheave services installed in recent weeks in the region, but also in Bordeaux or Germany. The ones we keep require the most material, for dialysis for example.

I had a particularly difficult day. Three patients died within 24 hours and we continued with three successive admissions. One of these patients, a 24-year-old myopathy, was very short of oxygen when he arrived. He died after 40 minutes. Much has been said in the media about a 16-year-old girl who died, but there are others and their previous medical condition does not make their deaths more acceptable.

The presence of a loved one per dying patient

For the past week, we have again authorized the presence of a loved one to accompany a patient when we feel that the patient is going to die – only if that loved one is not himself affected by Covid. It was too difficult for everyone: for the family not to be able to say goodbye, and for us to be the only presence with the patients even if they were unconscious. We dress these visitors like us and they stay behind the window of the box. As we usually do in sheave, we explain to them what will happen, that the scope layout will gradually become flat. In the current context, it is important that they can see, understand, to prevent their mourning from being even more painful.

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The chaplain also comes back and that’s great. At the start of the crisis, we had stopped everything. Today, things are not going better but we are more experienced and the stress is a little less. Finally, I had a nice little experience: the VIP races. I was allowed to double the queue at the entrance to Cora, in front of clients happy to let me in! “


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