At the heart of the Hong Kong revolt, she testifies


For security, J.H agreed to testify but without giving his identity. We understand it. One week after the great peaceful march of 1st Last July and the violence in the local parliament of Hong Kong, police investigations began and about twenty "young people", as they are now called, have already been arrested.

"After this month of madness I admit that I am a little depressed, leached, exhausted. What will happen now? " asks the young woman of 30 years, social worker in a local NGO. Met near the parliament the day before the demonstration of the 1st In July, 22 years after Hong Kong's return to China in 1997, she distributed free water bottles and small towels to fight against the overwhelming wet heat.

"From June 9, I was there at the first demonstration where a million people protested against the extradition law to China and I stayed in the evening around the parliament where thousands of young people surrounded it"she said, speaking very quickly, as if carried away by the wave that would overwhelm her in the weeks to come. "Among these young people aged 16 to 22 on average, I was almost the oldest, and their organization and logistics system was nothing like the Umbrella Movement in 2014, it has nothing to do with it. . "

"It's the specific identity of Hong Kong that is at stake"

Multiple support groups on encrypted networks

With her phone in hand, she started downloading several e-mail applications, joined public forums, "In international waters", open to all. "It was dizzyingshe continues, widening her eyes, because multiple groups had structured themselves for the logistics (water, masks, diving glasses, helmets, mini-vans, cars …) communication (videos, designers, creatives, designers) first aid (doctors, nurses, medicines) and legal support (volunteer lawyers) … "

J.H then joins the underground world of encrypted networks, Telegram, Wire or Signal, anonymous, without telephone numbers, untraceable. "Watch groups have broadcast information videos to locate police presence throughout the territory, at such time, place, metro, station, two, three, four police … they have 30 to 50 000 members each … not to mention neighborhood community groups that inform. "

The peculiarity of these manifestations lies in this new form of protest, almost unique in the world and that the over 30s (and even more parents) can not understand. Everything is in the phone. "It's organic," explains J.H, and virtual, but energy and creativity flow in the veins of this Hong Kong who is afraid of "Lose your liberties".

"Hong Kong Mothers" still support their children

"We are the ones who manipulate others in reality"

This very young generation does not work like their parents or the political class in place. "They do not want a leader, they do not want to be manipulated politically, they do not have a political ideology, they just fight for what they just think, it's very simple and at the same time confusing because they are willing to sacrifice everything, to their life, to achieve their goal. " The very conservative parents of J.H, like the Establishment do not believe in it and see foreign manipulations behind it all.

"We are the ones who manipulate others in reality", she replies citing the public fundraising campaign to buy advertising pages in the world press ahead of the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan. "A brilliant idea launched by one of the social groups but young people in front of the parliament do not even read the newspapers and do not even know what the G20 is! "

Will China change its strategy in Hong Kong?

J.H is far from being fooled and recognizes that there are disagreements on methods, peaceful or violent, but unlike in 2014 the group did not split. "I did not agree with taking the parliament but I remain in solidarity. " The lessons of 2014 were selected and the government's maneuvers to discredit the movement do not work.

"Another step has just opened, breath J.H, all this system devours your time and your energy but in Hong Kong we never sleep, it is peculiar to our identity. " For her, there is no failure or victory, "It's not over … there will be repression … the time to rest and recuperate has come, we must not kill the task too quickly, because the fight will continue for a long time. "


His inspiration: "The Umbrella Movement 2014"

"At that time I was 25 years old and I was watching from a distance this somewhat romantic protest movement. I come from a privileged background, the high middle class of Hong Kong who succeeded in business and my environment was rather conservative: "no noise, no criticism, you submit to the dominant social order. "We did not talk about politics at all. But after work, in the evening, I went to Central or Mongkok, where the protesters occupied the avenues, gathered, studied and protested for more democracy. I was fascinated and captivated at the same time because I wondered what I had to do: to engage or remain observant? After the disappointment and failure of the Umbrellas Movement, I was disappointed because nothing had been achieved, but I wondered about the future of Hong Kong. In 2019 when the protest movement against the extradition law started I thought that I could do something concrete and went there. "

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