At the UN, a Chinese representative interrupts the speech of a Hong Kong singer


Geneva – A speech delivered Monday in front of the Human Rights Council at the UN by a protester singer from Hong Kong, who came to Geneva to ask for international support, was interrupted by the Chinese representative.

Denise Ho, a 42-year-old pop-rock singer who has participated in protests in the territory in recent days, is a figure in the pro-democracy movement of autumn 2014, therevolt of umbrellas".

The extradition bill to China, whose protesters demand total abandonment, "would remove the firewall protecting Hong Kong from the interference of the Chinese government", she warned in a speech, before being interrupted by the Chinese representative who asked for a"point of order".

This regular procedure is quite rare when NGO representatives speak at the UN.

Mr. Dai Demao, First Secretary at the Chinese Mission to the UN, was able to speak and say that mention "Hong Kong alongside China" is a "affront (in principle) of one China and the principles of the United Nations Charter".

Seconds later, he again interrupted the singer to denounce hisclaims not based on the system + One country, two systems +".

"Will the United Nations convene an emergency session to protect the people of Hong Kong? Given the abuses, will the UN remove China from this human rights council?", concluded the singer.

Speaking a few hours earlier in an interview with AFP, Ho called on the United States to support Hong Kong protesters inhuman rights" and of "democracy".

"They can talk about it and they have the power to put pressure on China"said the singer, who emigrated young in Canada before launching her artistic career in Hong Kong in 1997, the year of the surrender of British territory to China.

The Sino-British declaration of 1984 provided that Hong Kong was then governed by a special status for fifty years with the principle "one country, two systems".

For Denise Ho, whose records are no longer sold in mainland China since 2014, Beijing "has been interfering in Hong Kong's business for many years"and"we can ask the United Nations to convene an emergency meeting on Hong Kong to examine the fact that China, the communist government, does not respect this binding international treaty".

According to the singer, some 70 people have been detained since the beginning of the current protest in June, some of whom have been released. The crisis was triggered by a bill authorizing extraditions to mainland China whose suspension was not enough to stop the protests.

Despite repeated requests, the police have not published the number of people arrested in a month.

Denise Ho is also worried about a "wave of suicides"young people anxious about the prospect of a future under the yoke of Beijing and who"have left messages that directly point to the Hong Kong government".

Since 2014, the singer did not return to China for fear "to be detained".


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