Athlete Alysia Montaño denounces Nike for interrupting her contract by becoming pregnant


The American athlete Alysia Montaño, bronze medalist at the World Athletics Championships in 2013, has denounced the sports brand Nike through the New York Times for interrupting her contract when she told them she was going to become a mother. A measure that, according to the athlete, is more common than it seems.

In the column he has written, he reports that "sponsors usually adapt to the resting time of their athletes when they recover from injuries. However, they rarely offer enough time to have a child. "

"The sports industry allows men to have a full career. But if a female athlete decides to have a baby, that industry marginalizes her even when she is at her best. " This is the first point she makes about the rejection that athletes have with the intention of being mothers.

"When a woman decides to have a baby, the sport stops being a priority. I was sponsored by Nike and then, when I told them that I wanted to have a baby during my career, they told me: "We will stop the contract and we will stop paying you" ». In his opinion column it also reflects the existence of a confidentiality clause so that he can not talk about this practice.

Nike, for its part, and as reflected by the New York Times, has acknowledged in a statement that sponsorship payments to its athletes have been reduced due to pregnancy. Even so, the sports company says it changed its policy in 2018 so that its athletes would not be penalized. Anyway, Nike did not specify if these changes have been applied in the contractors that were in force before. .


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