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Ats Milano: “We are unable to trace all infections. Anyone who suspects a risky contact should stay at home. Authorities should make more incisive decisions”

“We fail to trace all the infections, to actively isolate people. Anyone who suspects they have had a risky contact or symptoms stay home“. The message is from Vittorio Demicheli, medical director ofAts Milan to SkyTg24 after Sunday almost registered in Lombardy 3 thousand new cases out of 31 thousand tampons: Of these, 1,463 were registered in Milan with 727 cases in the city alone. Worrying data also on Monday: 1.687 new cases, 814 in the metropolitan city of Milan e 436 in town, with 14.577 test. “What worries us”, Demicheli acknowledged, “is that we don’t know exactly in a large metropolis the speed with which the phenomenon can occur. What we are working on at the moment is to invite the authorities to make some more incisive decisions, when we closed the activities at 6 pm in the epidemiological curve there was a sudden slowdown ”. Such as Varese e Monza, also “Milan was marginally hit” during the wave in March and “what we see is that the contagion circulates faster in the areas that were least affected last time, when the lockdown intervened”. So Demicheli renewed “the invitation to citizens to each do their part. Everyone will have to give up something, because at this moment the stage of containment unfortunately is ineffective“.

Tracking difficulties are among the most worrying aspects of these hours. In total, there are only 9 thousand “tracers” and the regions have made less than three hundred hires. A difficulty that Italy also shares with other European countries, such as the Germany o la France where, according to the latest reports, 75 per cent of the new cases do not appear to be contacts of patients already known. Speaking of the Lombard situation, the alert was also given Anaao-Assomed Lombardia. “The second wave of the virus”, reads a note, “now risks overwhelming not only Lombardy but the whole of Italy again”. According to the regional union of doctors and hospital managers, “they are still numerous improvements to be made to the entire Lombard health system to face this new epidemic wave with strength and effectiveness “. “In recent months, the Lombardy Regional Health Service has undoubtedly strengthened to ensure effective management of the Covid-19 emergency: doctors and nurses have been hired, beds in intensive and sub-intensive care have been opened, the supply of protective devices has been reinforced individual (Dpi) in hospitals and territories “.

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But that’s not enough and new interventions are needed. “First among all more effort is needed in staff recruitment (including third-year trainees), who must be trained in advance, especially if he or she does not hold specialist roles related to the management of Covid-19. In addition, it is necessary to prepare structures and beds in hospitals, always identifying appropriate safety routes in and out “. Again, “it remains fundamental intensify contact tracking through the Immuni App currently in use in Italy, but to be made more user-friendly and more operational “. And it is necessary to “increase the ability to make swabs, even rapid ones, to avoid the risk of contagion in the event of failure and immediate communication of the positivity, thus strengthening the staff of the laboratories with managers and technicians. Lastly, it is of primary importance to always guarantee healthcare personnel an adequate supply of PPE and, in particular, of masks, both surgical and Ffp2 / Ffp3 ”. Therefore, the union concludes: “We medical and health managers, even if tired and worried, are ready again to do our part“Against the new wave of Covid-19. “However, it is also necessary that all citizens, especially young people, and not so young, do their part”.

Also for this reason, to cope with the most critical situation in large cities, there is no lack of curfew proposals. “You have to consider the possibility of a curfew in the evening and at night in cities like Milan, Rome and Naples and in all those areas of the country where the situation could precipitate quickly “, the virologist and member of the Lombard CTS told the Ansa agency Fabrizio Pregliasco. In his view, there is the need to “do everything possible to avoid the lockdown at Christmas, which, besides being very sad, would be a serious problem for schools and for work”. And he explained: “This can only happen by applying the provisions contained in the new Dpcm in the best possible way and possibly implementing further restrictions, such as the curfew, even if this will unfortunately cause damage to many economic activities”. Pregliasco stressed that it was impossible to “continue living as we did until yesterday”, but he said he was in favor of maintaining face-to-face teaching. “Schools are fundamental and are a safe place, but there is a need to govern how they are reached by students. And this can only be done by applying new methods for transport, such as staggered timetables to avoid crowds on vehicles ”.

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