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Attack on teacher near Paris had been carefully prepared, school had also received threats

Nine people have now been arrested. The first four were relatives of the suspected perpetrator. French media say it is the parents, the grandfather and a 17-year-old younger brother. Five others were arrested on Saturday. They also included a parent of a student at the college in Conflans Saint-Honorine and a well-known Muslim activist.

According to Attorney Ricard of the anti-terrorist prosecution, tensions were already high before the attack, and the school had already received threatening calls. On October 5, the teacher gave a class on civic and morality. More specifically about free speech, a subject that is also officially on the curriculum. He used the Charlie Hebdo caricatures as an example.

That was not to the liking of at least one father. He entered the school three days later in the company of someone else and urged the teacher’s resignation. The school did not respond to that. The parents then filed a complaint against the teacher for showing “pornographic images” (because the man in the caricature was naked). In turn, the teacher also filed a complaint for defamation.

When the teacher showed the supposedly naked prophet, according to witnesses he asked whether (Muslim) students wanted to leave the classroom for a while. If they did not want to see the image, they could also avert the gaze. But a 14-year-old girl remained in class.

The father first spread a message on Facebook and a little later a video on YouTube that together were shared 27,000 times. The video also mentioned the address of the school and the name of the teacher involved. It appears that a well-known Muslim activist has been instrumental in sparking the case. It is about Abdelhakim Sefrioui, the founder of the collective Cheikh Yassine.

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