Attention! Due to Easter, pensions will be paid differently. OVERVIEW

Due to the holidays in 2021, the pension payment date will be changed a total of six times. And Easter is no exception.

It should be noted especially those people who have a payment deadline of the 4th day of the month, because there will be a delay of two days.

New dates for April pensions:

• The payment date of 2 April will be paid on 1 April.
• The payment date of 4 April will be paid on 6 April.

Changes in deadlines apply to all types of pension payments. The Czech Social Security Administration sends them either non-cash to the client’s bank account or in cash via the Czech Post to the address of his residence. The client chooses the method of payment of the pension when submitting an application for a pension insurance benefit, with the proviso that at any time later he may request the CSSA to change it.

“Pensions are always paid in advance, at regular monthly intervals. Payment deadlines for pensions paid to the CSSA are even days from the 2nd to the 24th day of the month. day of the month, “informs the CSSA on its website.

This year, the terms of pension payments will change a total of six times. One change has already taken place in January, the next adjustment will come in July.

Other changes in the deadlines for the payment of pensions:

• The payment date of 4 July will be paid on 2 July.
• The payment date of 6 July will be paid on 7 July.
• The payment deadline on December 24 will be paid on December 23.

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During November last year, the Czech Social Security Administration secured 2,007,509 pension payments to clients’ personal accounts and 831,807 pension payments through the Czech Post. Another 28,014 payments were transferred to social services facilities.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs plans to increase pensions above the statutory valorisation. Take a look at the interview with Minister Jana Maláčová:


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