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Aubrey O’Day showcases the neckline in a pink bra in a princess-themed dress for the 36th birthday

Aubrey O’Day’s 36th birthday was yesterday and commemorated the special occasion on his Instagram page with a new captivating snapshot. The singer wore an all-pink dress, which included a light pink bra while sporting her neckline in a princess-themed dress.

The stunning matched her bra with a very voluminous and warm pink tulle skirt with the name Moschino visible on her belly. It was difficult to say if the name was a separate belt or part of the skirt.

Aubrey completed her look with an elaborate manicure with large dazzled red hearts that were placed on each nail and a pair of clear and sparkling sandals.

In addition, its makeup application added to the glam atmosphere and included purple eyeshadow, mascara, dark liner and shiny lipstick. She wore her hair in a central part and her long wavy locks were brushed in front of both shoulders, with a loose piece that fell horizontally on the upper part of her chest.

The beauty sat in an elaborate shotgun chair, putting her left knee out of her skirt to show her leg as she extended her right leg to the side. He put his left hand by the thigh and held a doll with the other hand that seemed to be wearing a similar dress.

The background matched his theme perfectly and included a blurred wall with crown decorations mounted on it, including a neon sign that shone to his right. In addition, a couple of dogs sat on a cushion next to Aubrey’s foot and appeared to have pink fur and accessories. There was also a fuzzy carpet on the floor that completed the scene.

His followers went to the comments section to discuss the new sharing.

“The best friend here is the pinkest pink! SIS. Stop taking a step in my throat. Thank you, “joked an admirer.

“Omg another one of my favorite days today,” said a second social media user.

“Here it is !! happy birthday my soulmate, iiiii f * cking i love you so much !! A supporter gushed.

“We have the same birthday at Aquarian #rebelatheart,” wrote a fan.

In addition, the bomb has sported its neckline in another photo since January 16th. She rocked a white top with a plunging neckline that she hid in her high-waisted lace pants. Aubrey added even more pizzazz to her look with a neon yellow wig and cut the right side of her strands into multiple beveled cuts. He leaned with his arms to the sides and shot a sultry look at the shot.


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