Australian Rugby Federation denounces Folau's "media campaign"


Sydney – The Australian Rugby Federation (RA) has criticized back Israel Folau for disrupting the sport through his "media campaign", including a letter accusing RA of having leaked his hearing to the committee. disciplined.

Folau, a star of the Wallabies, sent a letter to the RA after the Sydney Daily Telegraph published last week articles about the controversy over the player's homophobic comments on social media.

These articles disclosed intimate details from the disciplinary committee's hearing of the player, which were supposed to remain private. Folau accused the RA of causing leaks, a process he believes "clearly unfair".

The RA replied in a statement deploring that the "media campaign"From Folau was affecting rugby at all levels, to eclipse the Super Rugby league display between NSW Waratahs (the former player's team) and ACT Brumbies.

A 30-year-old evangelical Christian, totaling 73 appearances with the Wallabies, which he was to be a centerpiece at the World Cup in Japan (20 September-2 November), Folau caused an uproar in mid-April after the publication of a message. on his Instagram account: "Drunkards, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists, idolaters, Hell awaits you. Repent! Only Jesus can save you".

The RA, in reaction, decided to terminate his contract, which the player had contested. But the disciplinary commission of the Federation had decided at the end of May to sack him, putting an end to the career of the player in Australia and with the Wallabies.

Folau had not appealed the decision of the federation, indicating not to trust the authorities of rugby. On the other hand, he has taken his case to the Australian Employment Equity Commission to defend freedom of religion and is demanding "consequent compensation"to the Australian Rugby Federation and his club.


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