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Austria’s first winter hiking village in Kartitsch

Z.admittedly, it is not Mount Everest or Montblanc. Neither does it have such a high name as its East Tyrolean neighbors Dreiherrnspitze, Finsterwitzkopf and Großvenediger. It is simply called Dorfberg and is only 2115 meters high. But from our base camp in the village of Kartitsch, we conquered it on a winter ascent, reached the summit cross and entered ourselves in the summit book – without the support of mountain railways and without climbing equipment. Rather, we simply walked uphill on perfectly leveled winter hiking trails, with moderate gradients height centimeters by height centimeters. The prepared path only stopped on the last two or three hundred meters, and the hiking poles were used seriously for the first time in the safe climbing section in the harsh snow.

Once at the top, we noticed immediately that the alpine Däumling is a panorama giant. Because it is strategically so well placed in the landscape that it ensures a summit experience with magnificent views: in front the Sillian ski area and the Karni main ridge, in the distance the Lienzer Dolomites, the Ötztal and Stubai Alps, outstandingly Großglockner, Ortler and far south-west even Slovenia’s national cult mountain Triglav. Anderl Strasser, our local companion, played the geography teacher for us, and he was just as enraptured by the panorama as we were, although he had been up here on the Grossglockner summit numerous times and even a hundred and fifty times.


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