Aid program for US SMEs starts off bumpy

Denver, Washington The Bank of America was the first large bank to implement government regulations. The staff worked through the night to launch an app for small and medium-sized businesses on Friday morning who want to apply for government aid loans. On Thursday evening there were still important guidelines from Washington that could still be […]

Deaths from coronavirus in Brazil reach 359 and confirmed cases rise to 9,056

Sixty people died in Brazil in the last 24 hours from thecoronavirus, which brings the total number of deaths from the pandemic to 359, while in the same period 1,146 infections were verified, which added to the previous ones gathered 9,056, the government of President Jair Bolsonaro reported today. The figures were released this afternoon […]

IMSS Assigns Levanting Global Services Contract to Acquire Fans

After obtaining authorization from the Ministry of Finance, the Mexican Social Security Institute assigned to the company Levanting Global Services LLC the contract to acquire 2,500 fans to care for patients with Covid-19. In accordance with the contract published in Compranet, with file number 2086999, Social Security invested 93 million 641 thousand dollars in the […]

This will be the Mexican Football League, the tournament parallel to the Liga MX

Free footballers will have a new opportunity on the field of play, away from Liga MX and parallel to the Mexican Soccer Federation: the Mexican Football League. Its organizer, Víctor Montiel, explained how they plan to put together a competitive and solvent project. The leader revealed to ‘Mediotiempo’ that he wants to arm three divisions […]

The surprise in the Yankees rotation would be a Latin American pitcher

Everything was destined to occupy the fifth place in the rotation of the New York Yankees and its performance in the Spring training had convinced the pitching coach and manager Aaron Boone so that they placed their trust in the youth of the 25-year-old Latin American pitcher. Inside the Bron Bronx Bomber ’revealed that the […]

In which provinces are vehicle entry and exit prohibited?

Erdogan, who made statements within the scope of the new coronavirus measures, announced that vehicle entry-exit is prohibited in 30 metropolitan and Zonguldak provinces. 30 METROPOLITAN AND ZONGULD VEHICLE INPUT HAS BEEN CLOSED TO EXIT Erdogan, As of midnight, we are adding new steps to our new steps. As of tonight, we are closing the […]