Donald Trump dismisses the Chinese Gafa from the USA, who fall on the stock market

He ended up carrying out his threat. Donald Trump has just kicked the Chinese technological giants out of the United States by a decree signed last night.

Alibaba and Tencent fell on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Baidu et Xiaomi are down on Wall Street. BATX are accused of collect data from Americans on behalf of Beijing. Finally, the blow of the baton puts the Chinese giants of “tech” out of the United States.

TikTok and WeChat, WhatsApp may be non-operational in the United States in the next 45 days and Americans will no longer be able to download applications. This change of situation risks putting the futures contracts on the US stock indexes turned red. On Wall Street, the scam of the world stock markets, the Dow Jones, the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite are expected to fall.

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The White House made this decision ” based on the risks these apps pose to national security, leaving Americans’ data available to the Chinese Explains analyst Lee Hardman, who works for MUFG Bank, Japan’s largest bank.
The TikTok social network has been targeted in first place because of the influence it can have on the outcome of the next American elections. This may be favorable for President Donald Trump who sees it as an opportunity to play the big guns to please the electorate by the September 15 grace period.

These Chinese Gafa also have their acronym: BATX (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiaomi), which together weigh around 1.450 billion dollars (1.230 billion euros), or as much as 80% of the Cac 40. Now that Donald Trump has some finished for now with Huawei and ZTE, BATX has become its favorite target.

« The $ 5,000 billion information technology sector has a disproportionate impact on daily life “, Recently recalled analyst Apjit Walia from Deutsche Bank. The 5G and artificial intelligence are the battlefields of the 21st century


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Economy: Subsidies from the Electricity Bonus will be reflected in August electricity bills

The subsidy for the application of the Electricity Bonus will be reflected in the users’ August electricity bills, reported the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin), an entity that reviewed and approved the lists of beneficiaries that comply with the requirements to access the voucher.

The Head of Electricity Distribution Supervision of Osinergmin, Jorge Mañuico Mallma, indicated that, since its launch on July 27 to date, the website recorded more than 3 million queries. “This digital platform allows users to know if they are beneficiaries of the voucher, just by selecting the electricity company and entering their supply number,” he commented on the matter.

In addition, he recalled that Osinergmin has verified that all electricity companies nationwide have enabled digital mechanisms so that their users can know if they are beneficiaries of the Electricity Bonus. and carries out permanent supervision of said companies to comply with the rules in the application of the bond.

“If a user was selected as a beneficiary of the Electricity Bonus, they should not carry out any procedure. The subsidy will be applied automatically for receipts pending payment, which record consumption from March to December 2020. It is important to remember that the bonus has a limit of S / 160, therefore, in case the bonus does not allow cover the entire electricity bill, the balance can be divided, “added Mallma.

Finally, he recalled that Osinergmin will supervise that the electricity companies inform their beneficiaries continuously about the Electricity Bonus, and that they comply with including in the electricity bills and / or in virtual media the detail of the consumption that is canceled with the bonus and the amount left to the user until the 160 soles is exhausted.

The Electricity Bonus consists of the exceptional and one-time granting of a subsidy of up to S / 160 for electricity service provided by the government in a context of economic crisis and job loss due to the coronavirus health crisis.


VZGLYAD / The servicemen joined in the arrests of the participants of the “solidarity bike ride” in Minsk :: Daily News

Law enforcement agencies, as well as servicemen, are detaining cyclists in Minsk who are participating in rallies of solidarity with convicted supporters of President Alexander Lukashenko’s rivals, local human rights activists said.

The human rights center “Viasna” reported that in Minsk “participants and participants in traditional bicycle actions of solidarity are being detained.” According to them, “not only police officers, but also military personnel are involved in the detention,” reports TASS.

The mass arrests began on Friday. It is noted that “cyclists are detained along with bicycles.”

The press secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Olga Chemodanova did not comment on this information, however, she denied the message of a number of Telegram channels about a cyclist allegedly hit by a car of security officials: “This is a fake. It is previously known that a person has an epileptic seizure. The staff called an ambulance. He is now hospitalized. ”

At the same time, videos of eyewitnesses began to appear on social networks, which, in particular, captured how riot police officers detained several cyclists on the move.

Calls to hold protests in Minsk appeared on social networks on Friday. Motorists were asked to go to the central streets of the cities at 19.00 (coinciding with Moscow time), honk and turn on Viktor Tsoi’s song “Change”. The epicenter of the protest was Independence Avenue, the traffic police even had to restrict traffic on it, reports RIA Novosti.

The second flash mob involved the departure of groups of cyclists from different points of Minsk at about the same time, which ply the city.

Recall that the main voting day in Belarus is August 9, five people are registered as candidates. Alexander Lukashenko is running for a sixth term.

On August 7, during the observation of early voting at one of the polling stations was detained Nikolai Lysenkov, head of staff of the presidential candidate of Belarus Sergei Cherechnya.

On August 6, the press secretary of the politician Anna Krasulina said that the head of the election headquarters of the presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya is Maria Moroz detained In Minsk. Later her released.

VZGLYAD newspaper toldwhy does Lukashenka have a real reason to fear the outcome of the presidential elections in Belarus.

Watch even more videos on the VZGLYAD YouTube channel

INTERVIEW. Coronavirus: “The second wave will look different”

The virus is circulating in France but in a limited way. A reprieve which should allow us to be ready to face a second wave difficult to avoid in the fall. Very effective treatments are not for tomorrow, the key will be the organization and acceptance of constraints. For this, the fight must be refocused at the local level believes Professor Pierre-Louis Druais, member of the Covid Scientific Council and general practitioner. He answers questions from West France.

Is a second wave in the fall-winter almost inevitable?

Most likely and the disease will undoubtedly present itself in a different way. Some believe that it risks taking Europe all at once. Against the second wave, we must organize. It will take a good logistical organization and this is not our basic culture. We do not win a war with offensive weapons, but with trains and engineers.

Isn’t the obligation to wear a mask outdoors exaggerated?

When you are in a very concentrated market, the risk is not the same as in a nightclub, but it does exist.

Should this be decided at the local level?

I believe we should let the mayors decide, in agreement with the prefects. The local level allows a better acceptance by the population. In my doctor’s office, whenever I offer therapy to a patient, I am in a negotiation between what is desirable and what is possible. It is this type of relationship that can be established. Especially since the mayors have just been elected, they have the confidence of the population.

How to test faster and better?

The reference diagnostic tests remain the nasopharyngeal PCR tests. Effective saliva tests would be very helpful, but they lack sensitivity at the moment. A research protocol has been launched in Guyana, where the virus is actively circulating.

Is it a question of comparing nasopharyngeal and oral tests?

Yes, but we also wonder about the best sampling technique. In a spit, deep in the throat, under the tongue? In the lab, we see a great variability in the specificity of the result (the specificity of a test measures its ability to detect only the virus sought). The advantage of these saliva tests is the possibility of having a response within a few hours and the better acceptability of the test.

Achieving group immunity by letting the virus spread will never be an option?

The Swedes wanted to take this route, it was not a success. In Florida, it was a disaster. The price to pay is too high.

“The population has not joined StopCovid”

The tracing of contact cases, as practiced, will be insufficient in the opinion of the Council …

It is currently relatively efficient because the intensity of the traffic is low. The declarative side of contact cases does not work so badly, but the procedure is slow and cumbersome. However, the CPAM must be credited with having launched something.

The tracking by the StopCovid application is a failure?

The population did not join. It works in Asia, where the awareness that everyone has a role to play for the collective is cultural. I hear people here tell me that they don’t want StopCovid because they fear that it collects their personal data. But often they have no problem being on Facebook or Twitter. The mask, physical distancing and barrier gestures remain our best weapons.

Achieving group immunity by letting the virus spread will never be an option?

The Swedes wanted to take this route, it was not a success. In Florida, it was a disaster. The price to pay is too high. In the best cases, in France, the seropositivity ”is less than 10%. 80% of the population would need to have developed neutralizing antibodies for group protection.

Won’t the constraints saturate the French?

We always have a problem with balancing coercion and education. I prefer education to coercion. It’s more complicated, it’s long. But in the long term, it is more efficient. Coercion may be necessary but cannot be the only answer.

“There is no miracle cure”

In order to better anticipate what will happen next, what is the most urgent scientific question to resolve?

The big problem is to have a precise idea of ​​the seropositivity rate in the population, on the part of the population a priori protected. This factor determines prevention strategies and targeting populations at risk. There is still a lack of data on how the disease is distributed by age group. What is certain is that currently the circulation of the virus is favored by the movements of the younger population. People identified at risk take precautions.

In terms of treatments, very little is working right now?

There is no miracle cure and this is not surprising, since we started by testing molecules designed for other diseases. Some experimental treatments (the corticosteroid dexamethrasone, the monoclonal antibody tocilizumab, to a lesser extent remdesivir) show beneficial effects in severe cases. But we do not have an effective early stage treatment that would reduce the negative course of the disease. And even less preventive treatment. In any case, mass is said for hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics, it does not work.

The controversy on this subject will leave traces?

From an alternative path, we moved to an unreasonable hope or even a belief. Fueling this belief is an unacceptable scandal on the part of researchers who claim to be caregivers. With speeches questioning the principles of the scientific method, even from doctors and professors.

Sometimes I felt like I was going back to the Middle Ages. It is not because something seems to be working, in some cases that it is the cause. Yes, it will leave traces. when you have entered the realm of belief, there is always something left.

We do not yet have the results of new treatments specifically targeting Covid-19?

Not yet. We do not even have analyzable intermediate data. But let’s remember how long it took to find the first treatment for HIV: seven years. If we find a treatment that is effective enough within two years, that will be an achievement.

“Nothing shows that we will have a safe vaccine quickly”

Is a short-term vaccine really possible?

I am quite amazed at the quality of the first objective data. We have several avenues exploited, for vaccines that protect or reduce mortality. For now, there is no evidence that we will have a safe vaccine quickly. When Russia says it has successfully tested a vaccine on its military, I don’t know if it’s fake news or politics.

Could he protect for a long time? People who have had Covid have not kept protective antibodies

It seems that the protection can sometimes disappear quite quickly. We don’t have all the answers. Faced with this virus, we have often reasoned from the example of other viruses, and this has failed us. The Covid-19 has already had many surprises in store for us. Professor Delfraissy says it’s a cow farm, I agree. Faced with this virus, we must remain humble, attentive, reasoned. And reinstall that word which is trust. We have used it in all Scientific Council opinions.

The Scientific Council has been extended until October. How do you operate now?

Until July, we had daily meetings, sometimes twice daily. We had four or five a week in July. At the beginning of August, some of us, including me, are taking a few vacation. But we keep a meeting once a week. And we discuss in the meantime on specific points, when there is an urgent need to agree. It works well, we know each other well now.

Epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet, also on the Scientific Council, says that it would be good if new blood arrives at the start of the school year …

Absolutely. But we should not change the whole Council at once. There is a good dynamic in this group, although the load is heavy for all of us. It is a voluntary process. Someone like Arnaud also has teams of researchers to manage. For my part, I have my activity as a liberal doctor, which I had to reduce …

The Scientific Council will be extended after October?

It seems obvious.


Despite the painful exit, Ronaldo leaves the Champions League with a series of records

News right Now | DubaiUAE Arabic United

Record The star Portuguese Christiano Ronaldo Bi His team Juventus in a window Lyon, in a match Home The role price Final For my turn Champions Europe, والتي Expired With a victory His team With a result 2-1.

And did not You are Bi Ronaldo Enough To cross Juventus to me quarter Final, As ودّع The Bianconeri Championship Continental distance that Pour Total My match going And home (2-2) For the benefit Lyon By preference Target Out Earth.

وعلى Though From Exit Juventus, Lost Record The star Portuguese Collection From Numbers Standard, Where Keep it up Register Turns Exclusionary in a Cyclic The heroes Through The seasons The14 Last.

And according to لشبكةSky SportsBritish that Ronaldo Record 67 Aim From Origin 130 Aim European, in a levels Exit Knockout.

وبحسب NetworkSquawkaFor statistics, The Ronaldo Record His goal number 37 With a shirt Juventus This season, لصبح More لاعبي the team Scoring in a season the unit Through History.

و .ضافت the network that Christiano Ronaldo had become first لاعب in a History Cyclic Champions Europe Register 10 Goals or More With 3 Clubs Different, Where Record 15 Aim For Manchester United English, 105 Aim Valid: Madrid Spanish, And10 Goals With Juventus Italian.

as such She indicated NetworkOptaTo statistics to me that Ronaldo had become third لاعب in a History Cyclic Champions Europe Register in a window Discount One (French Lyon) In shirts 3 Clubs Different.

And preceded Ronaldo لتحقيق This the number Alfred Each From German Jorg boot against Juventus, والهولندي River Van Nistelrooy against Bayern Munich.

Martin Danielle and Alexandra Backström – Reveals engagement

The Norwegian artist Martin Danielle, also known as «CLMD», has become engaged to his girlfriend Alexandra Backström. It reveals the latter in a post on Instagram on Saturday.

– Yes, thank you, and forever, she writes in the post, consisting of several photos of herself and Danielle.

The pictures also show a shiny engagement ring.

Backström bforces the engagement opposite TV 2, who first mentioned the case.

– It feels fantastic to be engaged. Although we may be “sealed the deal” with having a child together, it is very nice to be treated a little with a classic, romantic courtship, she says to the channel.

Backström also reveals to the channel that it was Danielle who went down on her knees and proposed.

– He went down on his knees in a suite on the American line full of roses! So he was very romantic and sweet, and very surprising, she says to TV 2.

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Became parents

The good news comes just under a year after the couple became parents for the first time. The little boy Alf Gustav was born on October 20.

– We are very happy, the new dad told Dagbladet at the time.

When Dagbladet met Danielle on the red carpet ahead of last year’s P3Gull, he eased the veil on life as a father of small children.

– It’s an adult. There is little sleep, a lot of poop diapers, otherwise a lot of coziness and love. So it’s fantastic, he said proudly at the time.

Backström then described the birth as very painful.

– It was a dramatic birth. It ended with an emergency caesarean section, and therefore I have had to contribute a little extra on the home front as my boyfriend has not been so mobile, said Martin Danielle last year.

It was last summer during the annual Elle party he and his girlfriend revealed the news that they were expecting children. They had also recently bought their first apartment together.

BIRTH: The Swedish top blogger Kenza Zouiten Subosic became a mother on June 14 after many difficulties. Video: Kenza Zouiten Subosic. Reporter: Ingebjørg Iversen / Rød Løper
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Keeps the relationship private

The newly engaged couple found happiness with each other in 2015, half a year after DJ and artist Sandra Lyng had made it end. Backström has worked as a model for several years, and in 2013 she was named Miss World Norway.

The pregnancy news they chose to keep secret for many months, something they elaborated on to Dagbladet last year.

– We try to differentiate a little between private life and artist life, and Alexandra is probably not really that concerned with living in the spotlight in that way, so we have thought that it is nice to be able to keep it private.

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He has also previously stated that his girlfriend wants to spend little time in the spotlight.

– It’s no secret that we are a couple, but even though I am an artist, it does not mean that she wants that attention. I respect that she wants to keep the relationship more private, he has told VG.

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Gorilla Glass Victus debuts on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra – Last July, Corning, the manufacturing company Gorilla Glass, announced the latest version of the coating glass and screen protector gadget made named Gorilla Glass Victus.

The protective glass is now here for the first time at Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the top mobile Samsung which was just introduced last Wednesday. Galaxy Note 20 Ultra also became the first device in the world to be equipped with Gorilla Glass Victus.

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Corning previously mentioned that the Gorilla Glass Victus will debut on Samsung phones, but the name of the model was not disclosed at that time.

Gorilla Glass Victus covers the front and back of the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The latest protective glass from Corning is claimed to be tougher than its predecessor.

In fact, Victus is said to be twice as resistant to scratches than the previous Gorilla Glass 6, and four times more resilient than glass made from aluminosilicate other competitors.

For everyday use, this screen protection layer is designed to withstand impact if the gadget falls from a height of up to 2 meters onto a rough and uneven surface, such as asphalt.

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If the gadget is from a lower altitude, about 1 meter, Gorilla Glass Victus is said to be able to withstand up to 20 collisions, as assembled KompasTekno from Wccftech, Friday (7/8/2020).

The presence of a protective glass made by Corning which is claimed to be the toughest on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is arguably reasonable. This is because the cellphone carries a screen with a diagonal of up to 6.9 inches.

As for the “regular” version of the Galaxy Note 20, the back is made of polycarbonate plastic, but the screen is covered with a protective Gorilla Glass 5.


The hard baptism of Charles Émond

The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec posted a drop of 2.3% during the first six months of the year. Nothing catastrophic, but …

Note that this is significantly lower than the 1.6% return that Joe Bleau would have reported with a simplistic portfolio made up of three index funds traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, at a rate of 50% of the iShares portfolio of XBB Canadian Bond (FTSE Canada Universe Index), 25% of the portfolio in iShares Canadian Equity XIC (S & P / TSX Toronto Index) and 25% in iShares Global Equity XWD (MSCI World Index).

Another comparison showing that the managers of the Caisse had a hard time in the first half of the year: the median semi-annual return of the diversified funds of Canadian pension funds is -0.82%, compared to -2.3% for the Caisse.


Michael Sabia joined the Caisse in the depths of the 2008-2009 crisis, and left the boat at the top of the markets, which allowed him to post a solid performance during his reign.

Started on 1is February, at the top of the markets, his successor, Charles Émond, is not in the same vein. No sooner had he worn the CEO hat than the economy was being hit by an unprecedented economic and financial crisis in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like all institutional investors, the Caisse suffered the repercussions.


When a portfolio manager puts a lot of emphasis on historical performance, it usually does not bode well for the short-term performance he is about to reveal.

And this is the strategy on which the Caisse bet yesterday when its results were released.

In the title of its press release yesterday on its results for the first half of 2020, the Caisse only talks about the annualized return over … five years.

“The Caisse has posted a return of 6.3% over five years. “

Second priority information in the eyes of the Fund: its annualized return over ten years. “A yield of 8.7% over 10 years, greater than the needs of its depositors,” she indicates in the second line of the press release!

It is only in the third row that the Caisse finally reveals the result of its performance in the first half of 2020: “A return of -2.3% over six months, during a first half marked by an unprecedented economic crisis. “

When we know that the ultimate goal of disseminating this press release was to inform us of the Caisse’s results for the first six months of the year, we agree that it is the half-year return that should have been prioritized.

With this press release “showcasing” the five- and ten-year annualized return, Charles Émond looks like the CEO who is using Michael Sabia’s previous strong performance to boost himself.

He doesn’t need that to prove himself.


The Fund’s assets shrank by $ 7 billion in the first six months of the year, from 340 billion to 333 billion.

Here is the package of measures that Charles Émond has put forward to redress the gigantic portfolio of the Caisse during this period of crisis.

  • In-depth review of assets with a view to establishing promising sectors and potential risks.
  • Redefining the post-COVID-19 placement strategy.
  • Prudent and tight management of liquidity.
  • Comprehensive assessment of refinancing needs, among others for less liquid assets, infrastructure and private placements outside Quebec.
  • Acceleration of the repositioning of the real estate portfolio, mainly in the shopping center sector.
  • Implementation of a “new transversal approach” in technologies.
  • Rigorous deployment in fixed income, with an emphasis on quality bonds.
  • Multi-billion dollar acquisitions in the equity markets in March and April, following the significant market correction.

We have to believe that the recovery measures have had a positive impact since the Fund has managed to wipe out its losses since the end of June.

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Coronavirus worldwide: the latest developments

Over 19.6 million people worldwide have tested positive for the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University. Around 727 100 infected people have died and over 12 million have recovered.

The latest developments

  • More than five million people have been shown to have contracted the coronavirus in the United States. That came out on Sunday (August 9th) from data from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. Recently, the number of new infections in the USA, especially in states in the south and west of the country, rose sharply again. The threshold of four million known infections had only been exceeded two and a half weeks ago. So far, more than 162,000 people in the United States have died after contracting the coronavirus, according to data from Johns Hopkins. The authorities recently reported an average of 1,000 deaths and around 60,000 new infections per day. In no country in the world are there as many known infections and deaths in absolute terms as in the USA, a country with 330 million inhabitants.
  • In India, a hotel burned that was converted to treat Covid-19 patients. Ten people were killed on Sunday (August 9th). 20 people were saved, Police Inspector MVS Nagaraju said. The likely cause of the fire is a short circuit. A private hospital had rented the hotel to treat patients with mild symptoms. The management of the center is now being investigated on suspicion of negligent homicide. India is suffering severely from the corona pandemic. With a good 2.15 million infected people, the country ranks third in the world behind the USA and Brazil.
  • The death toll from the coronavirus in Brazil rose to more than 100,000 on Saturday (8th August), 905 more than the previous day. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro has long been criticized for his lax handling of the pandemic. There have been repeated demonstrations and protests against the way the government of the right-wing populist head of state has dealt with the crisis. On Saturday, symbolic red balloons were raised for the corona victims on Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro.
  • France’s capital, Paris, is introducing mandatory outdoor masks. Particularly heavily frequented areas such as the banks of the Seine or shopping streets in several city districts are affected, the police headquarters announced on Saturday evening (August 8th). The regulation applies from Monday.
  • The British medical device regulator has initiated the recall of hundreds of thousands of coronavirus test kits. As the government in London confirmed on Saturday (August 8th), there are up to 741,000 tests by Randox. These may not be safe for use, it said to justify. Randox had won a £ 133 million contract from the UK government in March, including the provision of coronavirus tests. According to the Guardian, the award was made without a tender.