There is a pandemic fatigue in society

A number of Latvian municipalities, companies, institutions and organizations have participated in the Jerusalem dance challenge, gathering a large number of dancers. At the same time, there are those who believe that Latvians have enough beautiful folk dances so that they do not have to borrow foreign traditions. The popularity of this positive challenge lies in the lack of “good news”, which is particularly important in the fatigue of a pandemic in society.

Dance challenge for a tired society

The challenge of dancing in Jerusalem is basically nothing extremely unique. The world has danced to sticky melodies before – the oldest of us will know the hit “Macarena” of the Spanish duo “Los Del Rio”, whose steps some good ones still remember today. At the beginning of the past decade, many parties were unimaginable without the Spanish band Las Ketchup’s Ketchup Song. Similar examples can be mentioned over and over again.

The challenge of dancing in Jerusalem has simply come at the right time. If we open social networks, we see that most of the content consists of information about Covid-19, war, unrest, taxes and depression. Also looking at the design of various publications, it can be seen that darker and darker tones are becoming more and more common.

Positive emotions in spite of what is happening around you

People are psychologically depressed, but very united, because Covid-19 affects all of humanity. It has served as a breeding ground for such a dance challenge. Given that many countries are experiencing a recurrent and even greater pandemic outbreak than before, there is public fatigue. There are more and more skeptics and pessimists, as well as those who are trying to bring positive emotions to life, despite what is happening around them.

We replace cultural events and travel

People are characterized by their thoughts, emotions and actions. When a person is tired of thinking, all that is left is emotions and action. Given that the sticky melody and simple dance steps evoke positive emotions, in many cases the action is not missed and people repeat this dance. This initiative clearly shows that society has longed for a carefree and carefree life, that there is currently a lack of the usual good and positive emotions that cultural events and travel have given us.

A society tired of negations, viruses and scandals

The song itself is nothing extraordinary, it is not a unique musical masterpiece. A clear example is the international song contest “Eurovision”, where extraordinary songs or compositions with a very sticky melody win – this song is clearly the second case. A society tired of negations, viruses and scandals resonates with positive emotions.

Latvian agreement in dance

The fact that several groups or local governments have preferred Latvian folk dances instead of this dance is also to be welcomed. The most important thing is that positive emotions are encouraged. The Latvian people have long had a tradition of gathering together in dance or song in both light and heavy moments, in this case it has simply manifested itself in dance that has traveled to us from abroad.

Of course, it is possible to discuss how much such a dance corresponds to the basic values ​​of the Latvian people, but I would urge you to look more broadly – how many people this dance improved their mood and provided pleasant emotions?


dating service is available in France

Officially launched in September 2019 in the first countries (after initial tests in 2018), Facebook Dating is now happening in 32 European countries despite the health context. Directly integrated into the application Facebook, this competitor of Tinder will obviously not be imposed on all users of the social network. To access it, you will need to register manually and create a profile different from your Facebook account, although the dating service will use your tastes, your groups and the events you have registered with to find people who may match you. Unlike most of its competitors, Facebook Dating is said to be anti-one-night stands and does not offer any in-app purchase. The app wants to become the benchmark for serious relationships.

Secret Crush: How To Flirt With Friends

Once registered at Facebook Dating, you should have access to an interface that is extremely similar to those of other dating apps. We “swipe” to the left or to the right to indicate if a person pleases us and we can access, under their photos, information on their profile (work, height, interests, Instagram etc.). However, Facebook has the advantage of knowing you better than its competitors and can for example help you meet a person who would go to the same show as you next week. A menu also provides access to the list of all the people who have “liked” you, a function that competitors like Tinder usually reserve for their paying subscribers.

If you “match” with someone, a messaging service very similar to Messenger (but which prohibits the sending of photos or videos) will allow you to chat with that person. You can also allow your Instagram Stories to appear on your profile.

Users of Facebook Dating can choose whether they want to be visible to their friends or friends of their friends. Thanks to « Secret Crush », a function that risks creating controversy, it is also possible to designate a list of Facebook or Instagram friends who make us crack. If two friends nominate themselves in this list, Facebook will betray the secret and inform them of their possible compatibility. Embarrassing moment in perspective … or the beginning of a beautiful love story?

Since its launch, Facebook Dating has allowed 1.5 billion “matches” according to social network officials. During lockdown (and with the prospect of further restrictions), the social network allows for “virtual dating” through video calls to help people chat before they can meet. Facebook also promises that it is putting the package on the respect of private life even if, quite logically, many people will be resistant to the idea of ​​revealing their love stories to Facebook.

The Ministry of Health will not use the O2 arena premises, which PPF has offered free of charge, yet

While ABF, which owns the exhibition grounds and which belongs to billionaire and politician Pavel Sehnal, wants 26 million crowns to lease part of the Letňany complex, the ministry could use the premises in Liben, Prague, free of charge.

“The capacity of these premises (O2 arena and O2 universum) is available to the Ministry of Health on the basis of an offer in the future, but will not be used yet,” said Jan Brodský, spokesman of the Ministry of Health, saying that the situation may change due to epidemiological developments. .

All three murder suspects in Kristiansand have been remanded in custody

On Thursday afternoon, the police confirm that all the three men who are accused of having killed, or participated in the murder of Sian member Dan Eivind Lid in Kristiansand, will be remanded in custody.

Two of the men will receive four weeks, while the last will be remanded in custody for two weeks.

All weeks will be in full isolation.

Two of the imprisonment petitions were processed in Kristiansand District Court, and the other in Aust-Agder District Court.

This is stated by the Agder police district in a press release.

The consent

Lid was found killed in his own apartment on Saturday 3 October.

On Tuesday, the police arrested and charged three people for the murder of Lid.

– The investigation has led to three people being arrested. One was arrested yesterday, and two were arrested today. All three are charged with murder or complicity in murder, said police attorney Morten Formo in Agder police district.

Known to the police

The three arrested are in their 30s, 40s and 50s.

They are all known to the police from the past to varying degrees, and two have been convicted before.

US does not find the parents of more than 545 migrant children, many parents may have been deported

It concerns 2,800 underage children of intercepted illegal migrants from Central American countries who were separated from their parents by the US Immigration Service ICE in 2017 and 2018. That was part of a dissuasion strategy with which the US government wanted to tackle illegal migration.

Watch the report from “Het Journaal” here and read on below the video:

Utah Heart Attack Victim Competes for Health Care Amid Rise in Covid-19 Cases

The virus now had the ability to potentially kill a patient, her patient, even if she was not infected.

Hours earlier, Terry, a 47-year-old mother and wife, had suffered a heart attack at her home in Herriman, Utah. According to her sister, they had to resuscitate her four times in the ambulance on the way to the nearest hospital.

Once there, medical staff and his doctor quickly determined that Terry would likely die if he did not receive the most sophisticated life-saving treatment found in an intensive care unit of a larger hospital.

“He (the doctor) told us right away that we are doing everything we can to try to find a hospital that can receive Laurie, and we can’t find one,” said Stephanie Deer, Terry’s sister.

“If you had seen the expression on that doctor’s face, he was incredulous. I couldn’t believe he was telling us this. “

Deer and his sister are not alone.

The state is experiencing “one of the worst (coronavirus) outbreaks in the country,” Utah Gov. Garry Herbert said Tuesday.

As a result, patients suffering from other life-threatening medical events, unrelated to Covid, find themselves in dangerous competition for limited specialized medical care.

Utah is in the middle of the worst period of new Covid-19 cases since the pandemic began. The state is among the 14 who reported their peak of hospitalizations for Covid-19 in the last week, according to the Covid Tracking Project.

Total use of the state’s ICU was nearly 70%, Herbert said Tuesday, and nearly 16% of the state’s ICU beds are used to treat Covid-19 patients.

As of Friday, the ICU at the University of Utah Hospital was at 104% capacity.

Rising Covid Affects Utah Doctors

Dr. Emily Spivak, among the doctors helping treat Covid patients in Utah, is frustrated and upset about the increase in cases, because she said she knows this shouldn’t be happening. The coronavirus can be prevented by hand washing, social distancing, and wearing masks.

He reached his breaking point in a parking lot outside the level one trauma center where he works in Salt Lake City.

“Well, I was trying not to,” she said, referring to her tears. “I mean, honestly, this is super frustrating.”

Spivak said that he sees that many people in public no longer follow the guidelines of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and believes that they have simply become complacent.

“I don’t see an end. Nobody is doing anything to stop what is happening, “he said. “It’s as if people are just going out and living their lives without realizing that they are draining our healthcare system.”

Deer said he witnessed the doctors’ frustration firsthand.

“I watched those nurses calling for hours, trying other systems, doing everything they could, I mean desperate.” she said.

“I don’t know how doctors, nurses and things are going to be able to continue like this when your whole life, your entire profession is dedicated to saving people’s lives and you cannot access medical care for a patient.”

And he shares the frustration of healthcare professionals.

She and her sister carefully followed all Covid precautions, Deer said. However, your sister could die as a result of the virus anyway.

She is angry with those who ignore science.

“They don’t understand how precarious their own lives are and the lives of everyone they love… this can happen to anyone,” Deer said. “They need to wear a mask,” Deer said. “They need to worry about their neighbors, their family, their children and they need to do it right now.”

Finally, Terry was able to be transported to a hospital with an opening and the specialized care she needed. But Deer said her condition has worsened.

CNN’s Theresa Waldrop contributed to this report.

How to hide your Facebook stories from some of our friends and contacts

Don’t want a friend or friend, family member or co-worker to see your story on Facebook? Well, it is possible to manually hide who can or cannot see our famous stories on the social network.

Stories, these short ephemeral 24-hour virtual stories where you put photos and videos, are becoming more and more popular on social networks.

First popularized by Snapchat, then taken up by Instagram, these have also been added to Facebook. We find more and more, especially with the convergence of Facebook and Instagram, while Instagram stories are prioritized on Facebook.

Only, there may be people in our Facebook friends who we don’t want them to be able to see our stories for X or Y reasons.

Whether it’s a work colleague or our mom who might not be very proud of us!

Well, it’s possible to hide our story from specific Facebook friends.

We can hide our Facebook story from specific friends via the social network settings.

Steps to hide your Facebook story from friends on the mobile app

On Facebook, it is always important to make sure make our publications as confidential as possible. In short, that they are not visible to everyone, but only to our friends. Otherwise there are risks that old publications come to haunt us!

Just like managing the confidentiality of our publications, it is also possible to manage the confidentiality of our Facebook stories and more precisely to hide them from specific friends.

So, to hide a Facebook story from specific friends from a smartphone or tablet, you must:

  1. Open the app Facebook
  2. Press thehamburger tab (three horizontal lines)
  3. Select the option: Settings
  4. Go in: Story settings
  5. Choose option: Story confidentiality
  6. To push on: Hide story for
  7. Choose our friends who will not be able to see our stories
  8. Weigh on: Record
How to hide Facebook story from friends from mobile phone tablet app
Here’s how to hide your Facebook story from friends on the mobile app.

Steps to Hide Facebook Stories from Friends on Computer

To hide a Facebook story from specific friends from a computer, you must:

  1. Go on Facebook
  2. In the news feed, press: See all stories (the arrow)
  3. Go in: Settings
  4. Click on the tab: Story confidentiality
  5. Select option: Hide story for
  6. Choose our friends who will not be able to see our stories
  7. Click on: Record
How to hide Facebook story from a computer
Here’s how to hide your Facebook story from friends on a computer.

How to stop old Facebook posts from haunting us

An app to protect our privacy on social media and the web

Strengthen the privacy of your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts

Article published on on October 21, 2020

RI Legitimate Recession! Luhut Calls GDP for the Third Quarter of 2020 at a Minus of 2.9%

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, General TNI (Ret.) Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan discloses projections regarding Indonesia’s economic growth. He revealed that Indonesia’s economy in the third quarter will be better than in the second quarter.

“Fellow economies with Covid-19 really have to balance the balance. If we look at the contraction in the second quarter of 5.3% and then in the third quarter it may be around 2.9%,” said Luhut in the Outlook 2021 event: The Year of Opportunity which was held virtually, Wednesday (21/10/2020).

Despite the negative growth, the former Head of the Presidential Staff Office said that Indonesia’s economic growth was better than other countries. According to Luhut, this is the principal capital to be able to grow by around 5% in 2021.

“But we all also have to be compact. So don’t blame each other. Because what we are facing about Covid-19 is a world problem. I don’t agree, frankly, these demonstrations are being held now. I have repeatedly said keep your lust. our politics because what we are doing can create new clusters, “he said.

Previously, Luhut expressed optimism regarding the condition of Indonesia’s economy during the Indy Fest 2020: Energy for the Country which took place virtually, Monday (19/10/2020). He considered that there had been improvements from an economic point of view.

“Now the PMI for the manufacturing industry is starting to improve, but the PMI for services is still varied. Yesterday’s drop is all, now we see that there has been a rebound,” he said.

Regarding economic growth, Luhut revealed that there was a slowdown in the first quarter. Then there was a contraction in the second quarter (BPS reported economic growth of -5.32%). So, what about the third quarter?

“I think the improvement may be minus two point a certain percentage and we hope, earlier I reported what discussions with the LPS (Deposit Insurance Corporation), they predicted maybe a year on year minus zero point a certain percentage. So in my opinion it’s still good,” said Luhut.

“If we compare it with other countries, for example, if we look at several countries, for example whether the United States, Singapore, all indexes are still high negative,” he continued.

[Gambas:Video CNBC]

(Friends / friends)


On the anniversary of the festival together with the coryphaeus. Iveta Apkalna, Raimonds Pauls and LNSO festival ORGANISMS / Day

Like organisms, the organ is a complex creature characterized by a change in matter and energy. Playing with words organ (Greek organ) and “organisms” and using the digital equipment purchased for the concert hall in 2014. Johannus Eclessia organ, the organizers of the festival are finding new possibilities for the interplay of organ and other arts, centuries and styles.

The festival will be opened by a concert program of Austrian musicians Organ and harp On October 22, and on October 24, the concert program of Iveta Apkalna, Raimonds Pauls and the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra (LNSO) will premiere, in which a new maestro created by Apkalns will also be performed. Unfortunately, due to the newly adopted restrictions, it will not be possible to perform a concert performance by the children’s choir of Iveta Apkalna, actors Gundars Āboliņš and Jānis Ivanovs Rēzekne Music High School. Cherry tree premiere on October 25, but it is scheduled to be shown next fall. Purchased tickets can be returned to the concert hall Gors a Ticket paradises at the box office.

Continuing the tradition that the festival is opened by guests, an Austrian duo of organists – organist and composer Valentīns Feodorofs and harpist Jūlija Kristīne Lukana will perform in Rēzekne Gora on October 22. The stylistically wide program of organ and harp will include works by Johann Sebastian Bach, Cesar Frank, Maurice Ravel, Claude Debussy and other composers.

In cooperation with the Jānis Ivanovs Rezekne Music High School Festival, Iveta Apkalna’s master class will also sing. “Nowhere is it as good as at home. The past months have made us all stop and think without whom we cannot and without whom we do not want to live. Neither do I. I cannot and do not want to live without my native Rezekne, so I have come here. has realized that I can not and do not want to live without an audience, “says the world – famous organist.

The main event of the festival – the concert program created especially for the festival by Iveta Apkalna, maestro Raimonds Pauls and LNSO, which will be conducted by Jānis Stafeckis, will be available on Saturday, October 24, in the evening concert at 18 (including remotely LR3 Classic live) and in a public rehearsal. At The pre-concert conversation will take place on the 17th. Along with the works of Gija Kančeli and Semjuel Bārber, Raimonds Pauls’ compositions will be performed in new arrangements and arrangements for the organ, created by the composer Anna Veismane. Maestro Raimonds Pauls, whose works also include a dramatic ballad Organ at night, prepared a surprise – a composition written specifically for Iveta Apkalns At the church.

Trump and Biden jumped in, now turning on only one microphone

The head of the White House objected to the rules and the announced topics of Thursday’s duel, but he will come. The changes announced by the commission are a response to the chaotic course of the only September debate between Trump and Biden on September 29, in which only a minimum of factual arguments were voiced for the very leap and speech.

The next debate came after Trump became infected with coronavirus, so the 90-minute duel at NBC will be final.

The rise of the plague and anger at Fauci

“I will attend. I just think it’s very unfair, “said Trump. He accused both moderator Kristin Welker and the commission overseeing the debates of bias. The announced themes of the duel are American families, race in the USA, climate change, national security and leadership.

Trump reprimanded the organizers for neglecting a foreign policy on which there was agreement. “Both election teams and the commission agreed a month ago that the topics would be selected by the moderator. Trump’s staff is lying because the president is afraid of further questions about his catastrophic reaction to the covid, “Biden’s spokesman TJ Ducklo responded coldly.

Coronavirus infection has been on the rise in 48 of the 50 U.S. states over the past week, Fox News said.

The White House chief, meanwhile, has deepened his dispute with chief epidemiologist Anthony Fauchi. “People have had enough of Fauci and all the idiots who have been wrong,” the president thundered during a phone call with members of his election staff, according to the New York Times. “Every time he goes to TV, it’s a bomb. But an even bigger bomb would be blown up. The guy is a disaster, “he added.

Trump has already announced that, despite the absence of foreign policy on the announced topics of the debate, he intends to confront his juice about whether China is corrupting him.

He called on Justice Secretary William Barr to open an investigation into Biden. “He must act quickly,” he told Fox News. The reason is the accusations of Biden’s son Hunter and his business activities in Ukraine and China. An article in the New York Post blamed him for corruption and connected his business with Biden Sr. when he was vice president.

The laptop from which the evidence is supposed to come is now being investigated by FBI investigators. The origin of the computer is strange. He was alerted to a Delaware computer repair shop owner after the customer did not pick it up.

Fox News has now released a photo of a laptop repair bill from a $ 85 PC repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, with Hunter Biden’s apparent signature. Its authenticity, as with other evidence, has not been verified.