Stealth Chinese drone about to reach the world market

Beijing: China is gaining a reputation as a growing supplier of advanced military aircraft in the international market. In the last development, the nation is offering a new attraction that can be irresistible for some buyers: the only breakthrough in the market. And it has even greater weapons carrying capacity than some manned manned aircraft. […]

The researchers find the correlation between coffee drinkers and a reduced risk of dementia

For many years it has been believed that coffee has certain health benefits. During the last year it was found that drinking three glasses of things was good for your heart. And now, scientists say it is also good for their brain, The Sun reports.A new study by experts at the Krembil Research Institute in […]

Shawky Gharib today announces the list of the Olympic team for the friendship of Tunisia

Shouki Gharib, an Olympic team coach, will announce the entry of his team in a closed camp on November 12 to prepare the friendly international meeting with his Tunisian counterpart scheduled for the 15th of this year as part of the preparations for our Olympic team for the Championship African Olympic Games in Tokyo. The […]

Idris Elba’s Sexiest Man Alive Cover Is A Gamechanger For Black Entertainers

On Tuesday, November 6, Idris Elba was named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, becoming the only third man of color in the franchise's 34-year history and the moment is so crucial for many reasons. Over the years, People's selection for the annual honor has traditionally, and nottably, been predominately white. In fact, before Dwayne "The […]

LIV Capital will inject more capital for the Biva

The Stock Exchange (Biva) will receive a new injection of capital for 350 million pesos from its LIV Capital partner, a private equity fund. These resources will be used to strengthen the new stock exchange financially, which began operating on July 23 in Mexico, reported the Central de Corretas (Cencor), which controls Biva. Although the […]

Councilmen Peterborough renounce the “lack of respect culture” – BBC News

Copyright image Peterborough City Hall Legend of the image Richard Ferris and Matthew Mahabadi resigned as councilors of Peterborough Two members of the Labor Party in Peterborough resigned, citing the "bullying and incompetence" of the party in dealing with anti-Semitism. Richard Ferris and Matthew Mahabadi previously criticized the selection of a local candidate who allegedly […]

A pumpkin holiday dish recipe with a smoked and sweet enamel

Overview Ingredients Steps Overview Steam is one of the easiest ways to tenderize all kinds of winter pumpkin. It works on a metal steamer on the water at the top of the kitchen, but the microwave offers convenience and speed. (You could also cut the pumpkin into a multicooker kitchen / electric pressure). Here, steamed […]

China will assume Hyperloop with plans for a new “supersonic” train

The company behind Volvo has a deal with the Chinese state-owned high technology company to develop "supersonic trains." Geely and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp. (CASIC) will work together to build the system, which is expected to reflect closely the long-awaited Hyperloop technology planned by technical magnates such as Elon Musk and Richard Branson. […]