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Automatic Motor Injection Engine Check Indicator Turns On, No Panic … No Panic! – All Pages


Illustration of engine check at Honda Vario

Otofemale.ID – Don’t panic, if the engine check indicator turns on for a while then turns off when turning on the automatic motor engine.

BTW the engine check indicator is on the motor that already uses injection technology.

Engine check turns on for a while, the benchmark time is about 2 seconds.

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And that, according to the Technical Service Division of PT Astra Honda Motor, Endro Sutarno is normal.

“When starting the vehicle engine, the check engine will start for about two seconds and then turn off again.

That is normal and there is no indication of a failure code, “he said.

If the check engine indicator or Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) on the speedometer lights up even though the automatic motor engine is on.

The problem is the MIL indicator turns on even though the engine is on, so it is a sign of damage.

There are several types of indicator lights, which are lit continuously and blinking a certain amount.

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“There are usually several types of strobing, continuous or blinking.

When blinking there is a number of flashes which is a failure code, now through these indications the examination is carried out, “said Endro.

Also explained, if the light blinks it means there is a malfunction of the vehicle component, it does not mean it is damaged.

This could be due to a loose socket, loose cables, damaged cables due to a break, and the most recent indication is a damaged component.

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“If the check engine is on, users don’t need to worry.

The important thing is that the engine can still be alive, after that we try to take it to an official workshop for inspection, “he said.

There is also a case that the check engine starts up later after resetting the motor back to normal and does not start again.

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